Lure of MECCG VII: 23. - 25. Feb. 2007

The largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.
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Post by Tegarend » Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:51 am

miguel wrote: In a Swiss System format (see below), the opponent receives the maximum tournament points for the capability of his or her deck (as outlined in 19 above).
And this, my friends, is why you always want to put a One Ring in your sideboard ;)

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Post by Sauron » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:49 pm

Tegarend wrote:
miguel wrote: In a Swiss System format (see below), the opponent receives the maximum tournament points for the capability of his or her deck (as outlined in 19 above).
And this, my friends, is why you always want to put a One Ring in your sideboard ;)
This is further explained as deemed by a judge. The main goal of your deck has to be One Ring to get the 7 TPs. I've had this discussion before. I wanted to keep One Ring, Ring and Test or One Ring + Black Rain in my SB for just a possibility, but unless the main focus of your deck is One Ring you can't get the 7 TPs.

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Post by ordagnir » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:00 pm

can´t add much too what has been said. It was a GREAT event and I already look forward to the next one.
And Cool play was amongst the funniest things I´ve played!

Manuel and Aurora; the girls did rock! :D

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Post by GuardianOfTheFlame » Fri Mar 02, 2007 10:39 am

It was the first time for me at Lure (and international meeting in general) and... What a great experience!
A beautiful place (although not very easy to reach: airplane, bus, train... ship is the only missing :wink: ) and very friendly people (also the "great names" like Alfano :P )!
We (Simone, Marco & I) arrived friday at the airport when we found Sergio and his girlfriend Pamela that guided us to the castle.
A pleasure to meet players of all the world, too much to mention but Wolfgang the organizer: well done! :wink:

I started to play MECCG the past year (after joined the Italian group on and I've collected all sets but the Balrog ( :( ) actually too expensive for me), although I could trade interesting cards like spanish promo (thanks Marc!) or some third copies to play: Lure is a great place to trade and complete collections too :P

Our Italian group organized a Dragon Hunt some months ago and I enjoyed it very much, so I played the friday evening's Dragon Hunt Scenario with my hero deck. I like it and I'm very proud of my hazards vs heroes that can surprise someone with a Nazgul on fell beast :wink:. But...
1° TURN: vs Minion. An Akhorakill deck played by Martin (I hope to remember well :? ) at his first Dragon Hunt's game. A funny game in which we killed 4 dragons (2 for everyone) and that I won 4-2 maybe for a little more experience about the scenario and my deck (Although It seems to me that he is a very good player, the first time you use a deck you don't use it at the maximum efficiency so I had the advantage to know my deck better).
One note: I tried but I couldn't killed the mighty dragon... Bairanax! It's funny that also in our italian tournament many tries to kill/influence him but nobody slayed/convinced him! :roll: (It's true that often one try Bairanax if he doesn't have the right cards to try a more valuable (in MP) dragon... )
2° TURN: vs minion again :cry: Another great game in which I learned a lot (thanks!!!)! My opponent played a deck that try to influence Dragons with The Mouth using We Have Come To Kill/Mouth Of Sauron/Uvatha trick.
Very interesting style, I like it: you must have at least 1 character, also wounded, to jump the Mouth and influence with helps of some cards.
... but you must count the power (and luck!!!) of my hazards: in the first turn a chilled elf-lord played twice killed (or discard) all his characters!
He played an other character the following turn and started the Mouth/Uvatha/WHCTK trick very soon so I think that my luck was compensated (the trick requires 2 unique cards...). Although, I was surprised of how his deck reacted quickly. In the end, I won 4-2 again, slaying 1 dragon faction and the invincible Bairanax!!! :P
I would like to use my hazards vs heroes deck but Elf Lord & Maia are great killers too!
3° TURN: vs minion again! :evil: This against Wolfgang... and was another great battle :twisted: (this scenario is fantastic!!! thanks to the creators: Harmutt & Wolfgang :D). In this game I killed the great one first (Itangast) while Wolfgang killed Smaug & Daelomin (right?)... It was my last turn and I didn't have enough DP to win so I tried: killing Scatha without Old Thrush (but only Beorn with Wormsbane & Black Arrow). A risk cause I need high rolls (something like more than 7 and more than 6)... but the brave Beorn slayed the Dragon! What a game (and luck :wink:) !
I won 4-2 again and I finished 3rd (!) with 12 TP like Wolfgang (4th cause he lost the direct match with me).
What a pity that I didn't use my Nazgul & Drake attack vs Hero, but I enjoy all the games... thanks to all!

Saturday Simone & I played the pair sealed deck Hero vs Minion: the Hero (used by me) was a good sealed deck, but the minion... :?
It was incredible... in 1 LE deck and 5 LE booster we didn't found a single ally! and this was our ruin...
The minion deck lost all the games because he had few MPs (only 2 resources worth 2MP, all the others only 1) and the opponent allies always double their MP (i.e. Marco doubled Tom & Nenselde!) :cry:
My hero deck had good MP balance: 1 magic ring & 1 dwarven ring, 3 swords, 2 Factions & 1 Ally (Gollum). I won 6-0 the first game against Sergio (I think that I played pretty good but Sergio was ver unlucky with his dices!!!), lost the second 5-1 and won the 3rd 4-2.
The second one was a very bad game: I did a lot of mistakes and bad rolls :cry: I don't know our placement, but we had few TPs, so we must be at the end of the chart :(
What can I say... sealed game are funny, but I hate allies and the double MP rule too! :evil:
I lost an other Sealed tournament (Hero) in the past because I didn't find allies!

But Lure was not only tournament, also some games for fun. And the best was a Dragon Hunt vs Marco :D
I remember that Mark Alfano told us something like "Do you know that the aim is to kill dragon? :wink: ", cause after an hour of play I killed 5 drakes & Marco killed 2 Elf-Lord, Glorfindel & Beorn (what a lucky rolls!)... but no Dragon!
In the end he won 4-2 only for some points (with 4 dragons killed, 2 for everyone), but I resurrected 1 Elf-Lord for cool points :wink: (with Returned Beyond All Hope; just for fun cause his 1 MP lost was not very important)

So, about Lure 2007:
PRO: as you've read in the report...everything!
CON: It's already finished :wink:

P.S.: my english is not so good, but I hope you understand :roll:
P.P.S.: Mark, don't worry for Sergio: I gave to him 2 dices (during the pair sealed) and he began to win :wink: He said that it's better when your dices roll more 7 than 2 :D
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Post by Alter Tuk » Fri Mar 02, 2007 11:13 am

Hahaha. I played Sergio in the Dragon Hunt and its true: I never saw somebody roll that bad ever!! He had the snake eyes in every round!! And his other dice rolls were always lower than 7. He changed dices twice but that didnt work... Sergio, what have you done that the Valar had to punish you that hard? Played too many Fallen Radagast decks?

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