World Championship Mode - possible changes: no deck changing for Finals

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Re: World Championship Mode - possible changes: no deck changing for Finals

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Thorsten the Traveller wrote: Wed Nov 03, 2021 12:12 pmIn the early days, Worlds was even a 3 day tournament. There were qualifiers to get into the semi-finals. :wink:
Seeded players were automatically qualified for semi-finals, but not for finals.
While this system leads to the complaints mentioned here, there is some strength in tradition. If a person cannot forsake his friends and deck build through the night as was done in days of yore for the official tournaments, can they even truly call themselves MECCG World Champion? Well, yes they could by winning. But the real question is whether a tournament that does not follow the format of the official World Championship even the same tournament? I guess not. And so should it be able to call itself the "World Championship"? Eh, it's not so different I think. But that's up to others.

Is having a new different deck essential to what Finals was? If so, keep it. If not, don't. It seems many players here think it was an essential part of what made Finals, "Finals."
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Re: World Championship Mode - possible changes: no deck changing for Finals

Post by Theo »

If I understood Heiner's original points, I have not seen much in the way of arguments against them. I would fully appreciate every other tournament deciding not to have finals, but I would want to believe a World Champion title has meaning closer to what Heiner suggested, not just having the luckiest pairings and, as I have expressed concern with elsewhere, being the most exploitative of less-competitive opponents.

That leaves requiring the same decks in finals. But I don't like the implication that players would then need to trade between picking their deck to qualify (maximize exploiting less-competitive opponents) with picking their deck to win against equally-competitive opponents. The Title then becomes who did the best trade-off, which is certainly a worthy skill, but should not World Champion require more-purely the second of these?

That said, I also dislike the possibility of a hypothetical gimmick deck winning in finals just because it was tailor-made against the right 2-3 opponents. I doubt very much that any of the current contenting players would opt to take that route, but I'm speaking in principle.

This leads me to suggest that my concern about requiring the same decks might be mitigated if the threshold of top-4 qualifiers were eliminated in favor of, say, another 2 or 3 more Swiss rounds, perhaps allowing players to be paired a second time. (Aside: is the difference between 4th and 5th in prelims really such a meaningful threshold for justifying a comeback allowed from 4th but not 5th?) I don't think this would help if there was a majority of players trying to exploit less-competitive opponents (the pairings would just tend to pair similar such opponents), but if those are a minority I would hope that these extra rounds (presumably against more equally-competitive opponents) would have the effect of diminishing the impact of random pairings.


It sounds like Chris is suggesting that to be a candidate for the World Champion title, one would need to attend two consecutive years' worth of tournaments. For purely selfish reasons, I would not want the title to require such regularity. That is what the meta-title of most-World-Champion-titles is for. :wink:
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Re: World Championship Mode - possible changes: no deck changing for Finals

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If you don't mind the opinion of an old timer... I believe having the finals is necessary to prove the eventual champion's mettle against "all" of the top opponents. This way, favourable matchups in the semifinals can be mitigated.

That being said, I completely understand what Paric is saying about wanting to spend time with the community and the host city. Deciding on being required to run the same deck in the finals can be a solution as can pre-building final deck options. The decision is in the hands of the current generation. I just hope that variety and having fun will reign supreme.

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