Report of the semi finals 2009

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Report of the semi finals 2009

Post by Smaug » Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:26 am

Hi Guys,

following a short tournament record of the semi final, later I will add my my deck list from semi finals (for finals I played more or less the same; changed only some hazards (throwing out the undead hazards for some rivers, raindrakes and foolish words because I expected no fallen radagast at weathertop after I beat two of them during semi finals). I played a primary rohan /gap of Isen based Balrog deck with Buthrakaur, Bolg and Doeth, 3xtime Ill report you, 3 makers maps, some burning cards, the usual 2 major items, warg king and blackbole. To give the balrog something to do until great shadow pops up it played as well with black acient axe and aiglos directly in the deck. Doeth is just there for playing 3x voices and if lucky Gollum. Both my hazard decks contain all 5 mayas, because that they are the main creatures hazards I have to fear. So I thought when I constructed the deck it will be a good idea to play them myself as permanents.

Round 1

Jose San (fallen radagast)

As Jose San announced he was playing Fallen Radagast I was pretty sure that I would win if he plays the normal weathertop squatter, because I expected some Weatertop decks in the tournament (which proofed to be right !) Unfortunately he did not play weathertop but the other popular version (wellinghall with allies at tapped sides). Against that my especially designed undead hazards where useless . So I concentrated on not allowing him to play allies at rosgobel from dicard pile (and of course the connected girdle) which means recycling the bane again and again… This got the main subject of the game  Jose San marvelled it away and I recycled it (I think at least 5 times!). In the end I succeeded in that race. But meanwhile he played 4 ents at wellinghall, some meanshiefs, one lattern and a 1 point faction. The final CC at the council against Radagast with inner rot against a 7 (or8?) he survived which maded him win 4-2 (33-31) because he managed to stop me very well with his hazards. But I was not that disappointed, in 3 of the 4 last WC I started with a defeat in round 1, nothing to be too worried about. In the end this game was the only game I lost in the entire tournament ;-).

Round 2

Librado (minion???)

I only remember it was a very interesting game that I won 4 – 2 at the end (it was nearly a 5-1 I think, 1 point was missing if I remember right) but everything else I forgot (no meaning why, perhaps librado could add some words about the game).
I have something about ork scouts travelling in dragon country in mind, but I could be 100% wrong.

Round 3

Mark Khan (Aragorn deck)

Mark is a very nice Irish guy that never played against balrog before. We started some time later than the others because it took me some time to find him sleeping in his room ;-). He started not that bad arriving after some rounds at Minas T., playing the return of the king and the white tree after discarding the sapling. He was shocked (first time he got attacked in a METW game) when I attacked him at Minas T. with bolg and buthrakaur, nevertheless his characters only got wounded. But this was enough for me because he did not have any factions or items doubling mine for a total of 50 points, so I won 6-0. In total I had now 12 points, which made me feel quite comfortable again to reach the final for a 5th time in row, if I manage to win the last 2 rounds ;-)

Round 4

Patrick (FW Radi at weathertop)

The first of two games of decision and that against my good old buddy from germany, a tragedy ;-).
Even he stopped for 2 years playing at major tournaments Patrick is a very strong player which he proofed by winning the world champion (2005) and as well getting two times 2nd at worlds (2003? and 2006) As well he had a strong “comeback” in 2009 by winning the Lure main tournament this year (of course as always I n his last tournaments with Fallen Radagast at weathertop).
I was pretty sure to win this game because my hazards where pretty much build against that type of deck. 2x unabated, 2x searching eye, 3x chilldoosers and 2x stirring bones with one moon is dead, 2x cave drakes and 2x bane of the i. should be enough to stop that deck. This proofed to be right, but Patrick still was able to play barrow blade and wild hounds at weathertop. Together whith meanshief(s) and the normal rhosgobel staff he ended with 21 points. I had 31 so again “only” a 4 – 2 which made me fear reaching the finals . But as always everything will depend on the last round .

Round 5

Oscar (FW Radi at weathertop)

Oscar is (like Patrick) a very strong player. Not winning major titles jet (that will come), but he was winning most of the tournaments at Lure this year for example. As well he was at the gates of victory in the last big GCCG online tournament.
Anyway, as well as against Patrick I was quite confident to win because of my hazard deck .
Indeed it was more or less the game (I think it is very hard to win against the described hazard deck) and at the end again 1 or 2 points were missing for a 5 – 1 victory. So I had to wait if this would be enough to reach the finals again. So unlucky I was with the 3 “nearly” 5-1 victories before so lucky I was now. With 4 victories I was the best of the five 20 point players ;-). So I still had the chance to defend my title .

Report of the Final 4 will follow as well as the deck list!!!

See you


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Post by Jose-san » Tue Jul 28, 2009 10:19 am

Nice report Heiner :)

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