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Re: Tourney reports

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Dont take it to serious. It can happen and it shouldnt. But playing MECCG with chess clocks? Doesnt sound like fun.
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Alter Tuk
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Re: Tourney reports

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On topic: Gratulations Joe!! Would you share your deck? :D

How many players did participate in the tournament?
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Re: Tourney reports

Post by lucas.kubisch »

Ah man really a clock now, we already have dice, maps, mad rules, what if CoE just comes out with an official list that if you love middle earth you do not want to be on this list, and it can be ranked too, from bad to level sauron when it comes to wasting time and fucking with people on purpose. Both players should be working together to make the game go smoothly. I admit having your wizard fail a corruption check early on with your mp items can be discouraging lol, me and my friend go thru our deck at least once and try to play all the cards usually takes about two hours it is fun, rolling snake eyes is not cool tho not at all
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Re: Tourney reports

Post by dirhaval »

Alter Tuk wrote:How many players did participate in the tournament?
IIRC, there were 17 players. I took home last place!
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Re: Tourney reports

Post by gollum51 »

I love chess clocks, being a former chess player. Yet, I cannot really associate clocks with meccg in my mind. It just does not feel right to me (but this is of course very subjective).

What about simply guaranteeing a minimum number of turns (e.g. Five - but I do not have enough competition experience to judge what is a true required minimum)?

This will not solve all the issues (e.g. Stalling in the last few seconds if you lead to prevent an additional turn for both players), but this will prevent squatting/stalling as well as issues with slow/new players (I once saw a slow newbie beat a very experienced player because they could only play 2 or 3 turns. One character killed, no item drawn...)

Well, that was just my two cents. I let the real pro players anyway...
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Re: Tourney reports

Post by briannocheeze »

FWIW, here's an opinion from an old guy who knew a thing or two about the competitive nature of worlds tournaments. The top competitors, whether it be in physical or intellectual sport will always look for any edge possible to win. I am not justifying cheating, or unsportsman/gentlemanlike behaviour. But when rules are already in place to deal with issues such as stalling, and are not enforced, then be prepared for someone to bend said rules.

It is the tournament director's responsibility (not necessarily organizer) to either enforce the rules, or have someone else in place if they, themselves, are unavailable/incapable to do so. If the pressure of making such a decision is too great to fall upon one person's shoulders, then maybe a tribunal should be in place for the most controversial decisions.

If one person gets their feathers ruffled by having their "bluff" called about rule bending and quits playing as a result, so be it. "The needs of the many..."

Don't forget what resulted from all these complicated rules, errata, etc. The game does not need more rules. Cheeze will always exist at the top levels of the main event. If you can't handle losing to it, then play in side events only.

Time always seems to go faster when you're behind, and slower when you're ahead. I don't believe chess clocks are the answer. Enforce the tournament rules.

Congratulations to Joe on the win. I would love to hear his opinion on the issue. He may have already, but I can't tell with everyone's secret code names on this forum.

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p.s. You're always allowed to use your opponent's dice, so no phone app necessary to protect from loaded dice.
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