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Post by Balin » Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:58 am

Congrats Heiner! As someone said, I can't win all the time!! :P

I'm really glad to play my third Worlds, specially because of you guys, we had a great time in Belgium, lots of fun and comradeship.

Hope to see you all soon, either online or IRL!

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Post by Trossell » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:33 am

Reports, photos, finalist deck lists and detailed main event and finals results, please! :)

i gwanunig
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Post by i gwanunig » Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:50 am

Due to a very early booking (March) I mixed the dates for my flight and was
surprised that I fly alraedy on Wednesday. Well, after a hour-delayed flight to Brussels and a one-hour train ride - I
finally sunk into bed in the Youth Hostel at 1 am.

Next morning I met Bert and Mikko at breakfast where the main topic was the new
Batman movie. Before the start of the game I had some time, and so I did a little bit
of sightseeing to catch some impressions of the host city, and most of the
daylight for the next 4 days.

It started well for me at the hero-sealed-deck which I managed to win. The combo
elf controls dwarv with Arkenstone saved my games. Plus some bad luck for my
opponents by rolling against corruption at the council.

After the dinner break I joined the Arda-game where I could play the ONE-Ring
but corruption was very strong. Also very strong were Arwen form Kris which
killed the Great Goblin. - the force was very strong in that girl.
I begin to like that kind of game - very relaxing and a lot of fun.

Actually I wanted to call it a day - but the way back to the hostel leads by a cinema -> so the dark knight had his turn.

Due to no qualifier-tournament needed I played the minion-sealed tourney, with lesser luck than the day before. I don't
wanna talk about that.
After lunch in some very nice dungen-like restaurent below the earth I again participated in a Arda game. After that, and
without movie I hit the pillow.

I planned to burn down some border-holds with a strong 2-leader Balrog company, and looking underdeep for some friends
and artefacts.
Well, some did, some failed, some faced three elf-lords at the beginning
1st round I faced Juergen who wanted to slaughter some dragons with his dwarves. My resources came nice and stady - and after pilfering his Thrain and wounded most of the others I won that game. Due to no army on my side just a 4-2.
2nd round - Alfonso. He played also Balrog with a similar strategy. Normal the player who draws the Balrog first wins - well but not me facing that guy. Bringing out the Balrog in my first turn was the only lucky (but in retrospect maby bad) movement. He mananged to play every single MPresource before me. It was frustrated. 0-6.
3rd round - Stifano (i think)
He had some Hobbits and the only dangerous hazard against my deck in the first round - some elf-lords. The Balrog didn't want to show up - so after licking my wounds and catching up - 2-4.
4th round - HansWerner.
He played a Fallen-Gandalf(or was it alatar). My resource-play was quite good, and after throwing enough corruption cards on him, somewhen during the game his already corrupted wizard went away. At the council his elfs and elf-faction suffered from a bane and so I could manage win a 4-2.
5th round Karsten.
Also a Fallen-Wizard. My hazards didn't work so well against him but his on me - 0-6.

In the evening a late start on the Drinking-Game (11pm)
I played Marc, Martin and Dominic.
No fun mates

I don't remember when the pillow hit me.

-- Sunday:
Mixed-Language Sealed and the journey home (one hour delay)
It seems that all guys with LH came beack earlier than expected, despite the strike, but me on a regular flight (sky-europe)
didn't manage.

A hell of a weekend, lot of fun and nice people, til next year.
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