MECCG Cube Draft

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MECCG Cube Draft

Post by rezwits » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:07 am

This is a format I use to play MECCG that I feel is very fun. If you are familiar with MTG cube drafting this should not be a problem figuring out.

MECCG Cube Draft

What is required:

1 copy of every card from METW
1 copy of every card from METD
1 copy of every card from MEDM
1 copy of every card from MELE
1 copy of every card from MEAS
1 copy of every card from MEWH
1 copy of every card from MEBA (if you want)

I include promos in mine but not foreign and not duplicates, in this list
I only include 1 copy of the crossover hazards from METW and MELE etc, pick art you like here I guess :)


In addition and taken from above you need to create an Avatar Draft Stack consisting of:

3 of copies every Wizard from METW
3 of copies every Ringwraith from MELE
3 of copies every Fallen-Wizard from MEWH
3 of copies of The Balrog MEBA

If you have 3 Lidless Eye (The minion resource card) You can go for it here too.

This will be 60 or 63 avatars


Take each character/agent (not avatars) from all of the sets and make a Character Draft Stack.

This should be 173 characters


Take all resources and mix into a huge stack of about 758 - 20 enablers (738) mixing minion, hero, fallen

Note: There is a list below of, what I call enablers, to help other cards work.


Take all hazards and mix into a huge stack of about 394 - 2 enablers (392)


Below is a list of enablers that I hand out to each player as needed:

15 Gates of Morning (METW)
5 Doors of Night (METW)
5 Doors of Night (MELE)
5 Twilight (METW)
5 Twilight (MELE)
10 Sudden Call (MELE) some people don't require this to call so use accordingly
5 Heralded Lord (MELE)
10 Black Rider (MELE)
10 Fell Rider (MELE)
5 Focus Palantir (MELE)
5 Align Palantir (METW)
10 Test of Fire (MELE)
5 Test of Form (METW)
5 Test of Lore (METW)

The following are rings that should probably be dealt as well:
2 Bright Gold Ring (MELE)
2 Perfect Gold Ring (MELE)
2 Gold Ring that Sauron Fancies (MELE)
2 The Least of Gold Rings (MELE)
2 Gleaming Gold Ring (MELE)
2 A Little Gold Ring (MELE)
4 Beautiful Gold Ring (METW)
4 Fair Gold Ring (METW)
4 Precious Gold Ring (METW)

I just shuffle them and deal them out. They can be drafted as well.

These are based on a 5 player cube draft.


I shuffle the Avatars, deal them out and draft around the table

I also do the same following in this order for Resources first, then Characters, then Hazards.

I don't include all the cards in the draft tho.


In a draft of 5 or less players I divide by following:

Each player gets 3 packs of 4 cards of avatars to draft
Each player gets 3 packs of 9 cards of character to draft
Each player gets 9 packs of 15 cards of resources to draft
Each player gets 6 packs of 12 cards of hazards to draft

Traditional draft left right left, or right left right

Then distribute enablers, and build your deck and play!!!

Have Fun...
You probably aren't playing Agents correctly 8) <- need a rule thread for this tho...

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