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Add/Edit - Cool Play Rules - Discussion

Post by zirilan » Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:01 pm

List of Banned Cards

It is not cool to tap opponents sites or get rid of opponents key characters other then via fighting (or corrupting characters like Saruman / Denethor). Therefor some cards are banned in the Cool Play Tournament:
  • Call of Home
  • Cracks of Doom
  • Gollum's Fate
  • Long Winter
  • Muster Disperses
  • Stench of Mordor
  • Unhappy Blows
  • Pilfer Anything Unwatched
What should be done with cards like:
  • Beorning Skin-changers
  • River
  • News of Doom
  • Snowstorm
  • Tookish Blood
  • Khamûl the Eastlings (his ability only)
  • Enchanted Stream
  • Early Harvest
Is banning or restricting the amount of copies you can play a certain card per deck the right way to solve the problems with scenario killing cards? Or would it be better to appeal to the Cool Players honour not to abuse certain hazards?

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