Deck 1 : The Hobbit

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Deck 1 : The Hobbit

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This deck is designed for The Hobbit scenario.

Deck requirements : The starting company may only contain the following characters: Bilbo, Dwarves with home site Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold.
Winning requirements : King under the Mountain is in play. The Arkenstone or Returned Exiles is in play.
A company with Bilbo has successfully played an item, an ally or a faction at The Lonely Mountain, while one of its characters is King Under The Mountain.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Thorin II
Balin + Shield of Iron-bound Ash
Bofur + Black Arrow

In deck

Wizards Characters



Durin's Axe
The Mithril-coat
Magical Harp

Blue Mountain Dwarves


Token of Goodwill
Token of Goodwill
An Unexpected Party
An Unexpected Party
The Dwarves are upon You !
The Dwarves are upon You !
The Dwarves are upon You !
The Old Thrush
The Old Thrush
The Old Thrush
Many Foes He Fought
Many Foes He Fought
Quiet Lands

A Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting
A Friend or Three
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf


Watcher in the Water

Bairanax at Home
Daelomin at Home
Scorba at Home
Smaug at Home
Mouth of Sauron
My Precious

Enchanted Stream
Enchanted Stream
Enchanted Stream
Beorning Skin-changers
Chance of Being Lost
Heedless Revelry

Revealed to all Watchers
Many Sorrows Befall
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


King under the Mountain
Returned Exiles
A Chance Meeting
The Arkenstone
Sacrifice of Form
Eyes of Mandos
Eyes of Mandos
Old Friendship
Old Friendship
Iron Hill Dwarves
Roac the Raven
Smoke Rings
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Withdrawn to Mordor
Wizard's River Horses
Wizard's Laughter

Something Else at Work
Seized by Terror
Lost in Free-domains
The Roving Eye
Unhappy Blows
Short Legs are Slow
Bane of the Ithil-stone
Diminish and Depart
Spider of the Morlat
Mordor in Arms
The Way is Shut
New Moon


Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold => Blue Mountain Dwarves
Iron-hill Dwarf-hold => Iron-hill Dwarves
Dale => Roac the Raven
Eagle's Eyrie => Gwaihir

Mount Gram, The Wind Throne, Sarn Goriwing => Durin's Axe, Zwergenaxt
Moria, Carn Dum, Mount Gundabad => Wormsbane, Orcrist, The Mithril-coat, The Arkenstone
Zarak Dum, Ovir Hollow => Magical Harp, Returned Exiles
The Lonely Mountain => The Mithril-coat, The Arkenstone, Returned Exiles

Deck description

Starting company doesn't include Bilbo, who will join later due to his weakness.
Starting company includes the 2 candidates to the throne.
The Shield of Iron-bound Ash increases the low body of Balin.
The Black Arrow is borne by Bofur, which will be used as a one shot against the Dragon.
Starting company requires only 13 GI.

All other dwarves go to deck, to reinforce the company and replace losses of cannon-fooder.
Wizard is Pallando, for extra hand size and useful Eyes of Mandos to fetch a key card.

MP cards straight in deck are almost weapons, and among them the major-items Axes to offer to wandering drakes.
Wormsbane is for sure the key card.
Orcrist and the Mithril-coat are thematic, the latter useful to keep Balin alive.
Magical Harp is a defense against corruption.
Only Blue Mountain Dwarves is straight in deck, because the goal is to recruit latter the Returned Exiles.
Only Gwaihir is in deck to prevent opponent doubling allies.

Companies don't only rely on brutal force (An Unexpected Party, The Dwarves are upon You !, and Many Foes He Fought for cannon-fooder).
Some cards are directly bound to the scenario (Quiet Lands, The Old Thrush, Token of Goodwill).
4 Dragons at Home are in deck, with Mouth of Sauron to recycle them if opponent focuses with Marvels Told.
Dror is played face-up as a defense against Pilfer.

Hazard theme is based on the difficult journey across Mirkwood.
So the tactic is to tap (or even eliminate) rangers with choosing creatures.
Afterwards opponent's companies lose their path due to Rivers, Enchanted Streams, and Chance of Being Lost.

Play Notes

Gather weapons/axes with the big starting company.
Add reinforcements thanks to An Unexpected Party and A Chance Meeting, with Gloin, Kili and other low-mind Dwarves.
Keep Thorin/Balin alive with the Mithril-Coat.
Surprise opponent by giving axe as Token of Goodwill to wandering drakes such as Cave-Worm and hope to thus fetch a key card for the scenario.
As soon as Pallando is drawn, sideboard Eyes of Mandos to add another chance to fetch a key card for the scenario.

Don't waste time waiting for Bairanax at Home.
Go to the lair of the first Dragon at Home revealed, even Smaug.
The prerequisite is nonetheless key cards to slaughter the dragon.
The Old Thrush is mandatory and not a problem with 3 copies straight in deck.
Black Arrow is already in starting company.
Both combined are -4/-4 prowess/body.

There are basically 2 ways to kill the Dragon.
The first one is automatic with Sacrifice of Form on Pallando (additional -3 body).
The second one is a character wielding Wormsbane facing the only strike thanks to Quiet Lands, or all strikes thanks to Many Foes He Fought.

Afterwards, crown the King under the Moutain, and gather the Returned Exiles (automatically by the King).
Go to The Lonely Mountain, play Bilbo with A Chance Meeting as follower of Pallando.
If possible, play The Arkenstone for the theme.
Remark : if Smaug was slain, play the Returned Exiles after the item with Bilbo.

As a side quest, if deck runs perfectly, find Roac the Raven to influence the Iron Hill Dwarves.

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 8 / 11
Items : 14 / 29
Factions : 5 / 12
Allies : 2 / 3
Miscellanous : 5 / 5
Kill : 2 / 4
Total : 36 / 64
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