Scenario 3 : Return of the King

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Scenario 3 : Return of the King

Post by Darksatin » Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:04 pm

3) Return of the King:
DR: Aragorn or Strider is played as the first character.

So, what happens if both players reveal first Aragorn (or Strider) simultaneously ?
This character has been "played" or not ? (for the deck requirement)

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Re: Scenario 3 : Return of the King

Post by Theoden » Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:36 am

If both players play Aragorn/Strider they have both fullfilled the deck requirement for the Return of the King scenario.

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Re: Scenario 3 : Return of the King

Post by Logain » Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:39 pm

Grey Haven tournament - succeeded twice, 1 marginal loss, 1 marginal victory and 2 complete victories.
DR: Aragorn or Strider is played as the first character.
WR: 3 of the following cards are successfully played: Army of the Dead, The White Tree, Return of the King, Choice of Luthien.

Backup Scenario : The Rohirrim
DR: none.
WR: Red Arrow, Riders of Rohan, Shadowfax, Great Shield of Rohan and 4 characters with homesite Edoras are in play.

As i wasn't able to make a new deck (lack of time), i just took and made some adjustments to my wife's Gondor deck.

10 Characters :
Aragorn (backup Strider, Ghan Buri Ghan - if not used goes in deck)
Arwen (backup Annalena and Adrazar)
Imrahil (backup Theoden, if not used goes in deck)
Anborn (backup Eowyn)
Cram x 2

5 Characters in deck :
Alatar x 2

17 Ressources :
Houses of Healing
A friend or Three x2
Smoke Rings x2
Path of the Dead x2
Forewarned is Forearmed x2
Dark Quarrels x3
Concealment x3
Flatter a Foe x2

17 MPs :
Choice of Luthien
Return of the king
Men of Anorien
Guards of Minas Thirith
No Strangers at this Time x 2
Noble Steed x2
Noble Hound x2
Sappling x2
Riders of Rohan
Red Arrow
Great Shield of Rohan
Woses of the Druadan Forest

17 Hazards :
Lure of Nature x3
Alone and Unadvised x2
Longing for the west
Despair of the Heart
Lure of creation
Lure of the senses
Lure of opportunity x2
Lure of Power
Foolish Words x3
Many sorrows befall

17 (12) Creatures :
Daelomin at Home
Itangast at Home
Scorba at Home
Skinchangers x 3
Assassin x3
Sellswords x2
Ambusher x2

Sideboard 23 :
Glamour of Surpassing Excellence x2
Wizard Uncloaked x 2
Wizard's Laughter
Army of the Dead (Choice of Luthien or Smoke Rings or Wizard)
Knights of Dol Amroth (Choice of Luthien)
Men of Lamedon (Choice of Luthien)
Men of Lebennin (Choice of Luthien)
Stone of Erech (Choice of Luthien)
Forewarned is Forearmed
The White Tree (Smoke Rings or Wizard)
Torque of Hues
My Precious
Lure of Power
Balance of Things
No Escape from my Magic
Lure of the senses
Rolled down to the sea
7 to add!

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