Deck 4 : The Seventh Palantir

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Deck 4 : The Seventh Palantir

Post by Fangorn » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:08 pm

This deck is designed for The Seventh Palantir scenario.
Deck requirements : none.
Winning requirements : Ithil-stone is stored at Rivendell or Fate of the Ithil-stone is stored at a haven.
The first choice is used.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Robin (+ Healing Herbs)
Bilbo (+ Elf-stone)

In deck

Not in deck

Wizards Characters



The Ithil-stone
Torque of Hues

Noble Hound
Noble Hound
Noble Steed

Promptings to Wisdom
Safe from Shadow

Dark Quarrels
Dark Quarrels
Dark Quarrels
Riddling Talk
Halfling Strength
Halfling Strength
Halfling Stealth
Halfling Stealth

Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf


True Fire-drake
True Fire-drake
True Fire-drake
Nameless Thing
Nameless Thing
Nameless Thing

Doors of Night
Doors of Night
Doors of Night
Peril Returned
Peril Returned
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
Doubled Vigilance
Doubled Vigilance
Doubled Vigilance
Dragon's Desolation
Dragon's Desolation
Dragon's Desolation
Tookish Blood
Tookish Blood
Tookish Blood


Men of Dorwinion
Noble Hound
Noble Steed
Noble Steed
Mithril coat
A Chance Meeting
Praise to Elbereth
Withdrawn Mordor
Ireful Flames
Seized by Terror
Lost in Free-domains
Neither so Ancient
The Roving Eye
Unhappy Blows
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Durin's Bane
Winds of Wrath
Diminish and Depart
Spider of the Morlat
Sand Drake
Out of the Black Sky
From the Pits of Angband
Eyes of the Shadow


The Wind Throne => Torque of Hues
Woodmen Town => Noble Hound
Raider-hold => Torque of Hues, Noble Hound, Noble Steed
Barad-dur => The Ithil-stone
Southron Oasis => Southrons, Noble Hound, Noble Steed
Shrel-Kain => Men of Dorwinion, Noble Hound, Noble Steed
Easterling Camp => Easterlings, Noble Hound, Noble Steed
Carn Dum => Mithril coat
Mount Gundabad => Mithril coat

Play Notes

This deck is designed to focus on fulfilling the scenario.
Normally it shouldn't win by MPs ! There are only 5 MPs cards straight in deck ...

The major difficulty of the scenario is to steal the Ithil-stone without be caught by Sauron :
THE ITHIL‐STONE ‐ Special Item
[MP: 5; CP: 4]
Unique. Palantír. Playable at Barad‐dûr. When character taps to play the Ithil‐stone, make a roll. If the result plus the number of
scouts in the company is greater than 9, the Ithil‐stone is successfully played. Otherwise, the bearer is eliminated and the Ithil‐stone
is placed in your out‐of‐play pile. Bear makes a corruption check at the end of each of his untap phases. Bane of the Ithil‐stone is
discarded and cannot be played. If the Lidless Eye is in play, its playerʹs hand size decreases by 2.
Thus the most scout are in company, the easiest is the Seventh Palantir to play.

So almost all characters in deck are scout.
Hobbits are the best for hazard limit.
Additionally, some characters are sage, necessary for searching quickly the Ithil-stone with Far-sight.

Starting company has 5 scouts and 2 sages (Bilbo controlling Annelena with Elf-stone).
Roll required for this company is 5 to steal the Palantir.
It's an advantage to play additionnal low-minded scouts for the stealing, without costing too much against general influence.
Drawback is naturally an increased hazard limit, but it doesn't matter towards Barad-dur which has an already hazard limit increased by 2.
For this movement Eowyn may hinder opponent to play a Nazgul.
Alatar is the best wizard, being a scout, having the ability to teleport with company, and reducing the huge drawing of opponent.

Resources are mostly tons of cancellers.
Dark Quarrels and Trickery are a must against automatic-attacks in Wind Throne, Raider-hold and Barad-dur.
Escape is nice with Healing Herbs and Halfling Strength.
Riddling Talk is very fun, and most easier when opponent's scenario is guessed.
Otherwise Tookish Blood is a defense against Call of Home and Promptings to Wisdom against Beorning Skin-changers.

Journey with the main company should ideally be the following :
Turn 1 => The Wind Throne (Torque of Hues or Far-sight) or Woodmen-town (Noble Hound and the following turn playing Wacho)
Turn 2 => Raider-hold (Torque of Hues, Noble Hound, Noble Steed)
Turn 3 => Barad-dur : The Ithil-stone must be in hand with perhaps the use of Far-sight with Wizard's company at Dimrill Dale or Amon Hen.
Turn 4 => Lorien (starter movement) : you need only a small company to carry the Palantir, so for example if Alatar joined the company, split him to play other stuff
Turn 5 => Rivendell : at this point of game Safe from the Shadow should be in play

Keep in mind the Ithil-stone is 4 CPs and cc during untap phase.
Sam isn't a good candidate because he should have already 2 CPs with Promptings to Wisdom.
Best candidate to play it is Robin, and Bilbo is the best to carry it.

Use sideboard as following :
- Bridge to speed up back journey, when going towards Mordor
- Southrons / Easterlings / Men of Dorwinion when Wizard enter play (and then Galva / Vygavril)
- A Chance Meeting when Wizard enter play
- Additional Noble Hound / Noble Steed after the trip to Barad-dur
- Mithril Coat if time isn't up after storing the Ithil-stone in Rivendell
- Praise to Elbereth to protect against Khamul (and fun with Doors of Night)
- Withdrawn Mordor if opponent plays Mistress Lobelia

Hazard is an heavy Doors of Night theme.
Best hazard is the annoying Doubled Vigilance.
All creatures are dragons and drakes with better playability with Doors of Night and Dragon's Desolation.
The only exception is Assassin which in fact is a protection for Hobbits against an opponent Forewaned is Forearmed.

MP overview (expected / max)
Characters : 6 / 7
Items : 7 / 11
Factions : 5 / 12
Allies : 3 / 6
Miscellanous : 0 / 0
Kill : 0 / 1
Total : 21 / 37
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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