Deck 9 : The Stones of Feanor

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Deck 9 : The Stones of Feanor

Post by Fangorn » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:00 pm

This deck is designed for The Stones of Feanor scenario.

Deck requirements : No hobbits may be played as characters.
Winning requirements : 4 different Palantiri have been tapped to use their specific ability.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Thrain II
Balin (+ Healing Herbs)
Voteli (+ Elf-stone)

In deck

Not in deck

Wizards Characters


Palantir of Amon Sul
Palantir of Annuminas
Palantir of Minas Tirith
Palantir of Orthanc
Palantir of Osgiliath


Woses of Old Pukel-land

Mirror of Galadriel

Dark Quarrels
Dark Quarrels
Dark Quarrels
Riddling Talk
Riddling Talk
Riddling Talk
Secret Entrance
Master Wood, Water or Hill
A Friend or Three
A Friend or Three
A Friend or Three
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Marvels Told
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf


Ent in Search of the Entwives
Ent in Search of the Entwives
Ent in Search of the Entwives
Cave Worm

Mouth of Sauron
My Precious

Revealed to all Watchers
Call of Home
Great Secrets Buried There
Great Secrets Buried There
Rolled Down to the Sea
Aware of their Ways
The Roving Eye
A Lie in Your Eyes
Lure of Expedience
Lure of Expedience
Lure of Expedience
Gnaw with Words
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


Palantir of Elostirion
Align Palantir
Align Palantir
Use Palantir
Use Palantir
Free to Choose
Free to Choose
Free to Choose
First of the Order
And Forth he Hastened
Wizard's River-horses
Wizard's Laughter
A Chance Meeting


The Stones, Mount Gundabad, Moria, Dead Marshes, Cirith Ungol => Palantiri of Amon Sul, Annuminas, Osgiliath
Minas Tirith => Palantir of Minas Tirith
Isengard => Palantir of Orthanc
The White Towers => Palantir of Elostirion
Wellinghall => Treebeard
Eagles' Eyrie => Gwaihir
Beorn's House => Beornings
Woses Passage-hold => Woses of Old Pukel-land
Lorien => Waybread

Deck description

All characters are sage, they're thus able to know how to use a Palantir.

Thrain II is one of the best, being ranger too.
Thrain controls Balin which is the most suitable for rousing factions with 2 free DI.

Voteli is ranger too, and knows lore of his people about the sunken Palantiri.
Voteli controls Annalena with Elf-stone.

Starting company requires only 12 GI.

In case character is bounced, use any one of the following duo :
- Celeborn controlling Ioreth
- Thranduil or Glorfindel controlling Arwen or Wacho

Wizard is Saruman only, being thematically the best wizard.
He's moreover absolutely needed because of innate ability with Palantiri.
Gandalf is back-up of Saruman because of his home site in Lorien and his bonus for CC.

Items are only Palantiri, all of them straight in deck, except for Palantir of Elostirion which use relies on opponent hazard.
Deck area is thus Anduin Vales / Misty Mountains.
Allies and factions are in this area, and among them I chose naturally the sage Treebeard !

Resource events rely heavily on cancellers.
Dark Quarrels against auto-attacks in Mount Gundabad and Moria, and Men creature.
Secret Entrance prevents opponent to play Assassin when company intends to play an ally or faction.
Riddling Talk is the funniest and works against lots of creatures.
Master of Wood, Water or Hill is nice with fizzling creature keyed to region.

Hazard part is based on a Palantiri theme with :
- Aware of their Ways
- The Roving Eye
- A Lie in Your Eyes
- Lure of Expedience (MeLE)

Additionnally some hazards reveal cards to enhance guessing with Riddling Talk :
- Great Secrets Buried There
- Rolled Down to the Sea
- Aware of their Ways

Revealed to all Watchers increases chance of drawing Saruman early.
Gnaw with Words is a cool card to tap sage.

Play Notes

If there is no MP card in hand first turn, go to Lorien if Waybread or Mirror of Galadriel is in hand ; otherwise, go to Isengard hoping to draw Saruman.

Saruman must be played at Rivendell first turn or if Palantir of Orthanc is already in play.
Otherwise he must be played at Isengard.
When Saruman is in play, the following cards should be sided to deck : And Forth he Hastened, A Chance Meeting, and First of the Order.
Additionally spells should be sided to discard pile : Vanishment, Wizard's River-horses, Wizard's Laughter.

Denethor is straight in deck because he's almost never played.
In case Denethor or Ioreth is drawn before Wizard, (s)he should be played at home site in order to play and align Palantir of Minas Tirith.
Denethor is best thematically, and could latter play Ioreth under direct influence to help for corruption.
Additionally he is great against a Return of the King deck.

Palantiri have nice abilities :
- Palantir of Amon Sul looks at opponent's hand (or mimics North Palantiri).
- Palantir of Annuminas takes a sage only card into hand.
- Palantir of Elostirion removes a corruption card from an Elf or Wizard
- Palantir of Minas Tirith looks at top 5 cards of both play decks.
- Palantir of Orthanc recycles a discarded card of any type into play deck.
- Palantir of Osgiliath discards an hazard permanent event (or mimics any Palantir).

Palantir of Elostirion should be sided if Palantiri are discarded without being played and used.
As a side note Palantir of Elostirion may be used by a sage, and not necessary by a bearer able to use a Palantir.

Palantir of Osgiliath should be played with care : being very heavy it requires 4 characters to move it.
So ideally it should be played by a 5-sized company to ensure journey back to haven.
The master Palantiri of Amon Sul and Osgiliath must be stored at haven after use to free CP and moreover to increase MP.

Palantiri may be used by Saruman or with either Align Palantir or Use Palantir.
Use Palantir is best for master Palantiri having bigger CP.
Align Palantir is best for Palantiri having lower CP and for non-moving company (Minas Tirith) or company at Lorien (where it can be stored with Palantir).

CC is indeed biggest problem, so lots of cards help :
- A Friend or Three straight in deck because useful for factions too
- Marvels Told to remove corruption cards played on bearers of Palantiri
- Free to Choose must be sideboarded as soon as a master Palantir is drawn
- First of the Order (which is the coolest card of the deck) to keep Saruman sane

MP overview (expected / max)

Characters : 8 / 15
Items : 12 / 19
Factions : 3 / 5
Allies : 4 / 4
Miscellanous : 2 / 4
Kill : 0 / 2
Total : 29 / 47
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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