Deck 2 : Gollum's Fate

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Deck 2 : Gollum's Fate

Post by Fangorn » Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:10 pm

This deck is designed for Gollum's Fate scenario.

Deck requirements : Only the following characters may come into play : Gandalf, Aragorn, Strider, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Frodo, Sam, Pippin, Merry.
Winning requirements : Gollum's Fate is successfully played.

Character Pool

Starting Company
Frodo + Star-glass
Sam Gamgee
+ Rumours of Rings

In deck

Not in deck

Wizards Characters




Scroll of Isildur
Precious Gold Ring
Precious Gold Ring
Precious Gold Ring
Leaf Brooch
Leaf Brooch
Leaf Brooch

A Short Rest
A Short Rest

Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf
Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings

Dark Quarrels
Dark Quarrels
Halfling Stealth
Halfling Stealth
Halfling Stealth
Halfling Strength
Halfling Strength
Token of Goodwill


Beorning Toll
Cave Worm
Ent in Search of Entwives
Olog Warlords
Sellswords between Charters
Stirring Bones
Wandering Eldar
Watcher in the Water

Mouth of Sauron
My Precious

Call of Home
Call of Home
Call of Home
Cruel Claw Perceived
Shut Yer Mouth
Shut Yer Mouth
Shut Yer Mouth
Tookish Blood
Tookish Blood
Tookish Blood
Revealed to All Watchers
Power Built by Waiting
An Unexpected Outpost


Lesser Ring
Lesser Ring
Lesser Ring
Magic Ring of Stealth
The One Ring
Wizard's Test
Wizard's Test
Wizard's Test
Free to Choose
Old Friendship
Promptings of Wisdom
Gollum's Fate
Master of Esgaroth
Gift of Comprehension
Test of Form
Marvels Told
Withdrawn to Mordor
Wizard's River Horses
Ents of Fangorn

Diminish and Depart
Something Else at Work
Stay her Appetite
Ireful Flames
Lost in Free-domains
Bane of the Ithil-stone
Unhappy Blows
Mordor in Arms
The Roving Eye
News of Doom


Dead Marshes => Scroll of Isildur
Moria => Scroll of Isildur, Gollum, Gold Ring
Goblin-gate => Gollum, Gold Ring
Ost-in Edhil, Isengard, Gladden Fields, Bandit Lair => Gold Ring
Lorien => Leaf Brooch
Mount Doom => Gollum's Fate
Wellinghall => Ents of Fangorn

Deck description

Starting characters are the hobbits of the fellowship.
Starting company requires 15 GI.
Give Star-glass to Frodo (or Pippin because he loves gleaming items !).
If Sam is bounced, don't play another character instead, because saving GI is very important at beginning the game.

The only allowed wizard is Gandalf.
His innate ability to test gold rings is very useful.
He's the key character, being the only sage of the fellowship.
Otherwise the only way to test ring is to give Gift of Comprehension to Strider or Boromir to allow him to use Test of Form.

MP cards are only the ones needed to fulfill scenario.
They aren't numerous so A Short Rest help to draw them earlier.
Support cards are an heavy supply of cancellers.

Tookish Blood, although being hazard, is used in deck as resource to counter annoying Call of Home.

Hazard part is designed to avoid opponent to play Gollum, which is the other key character.
Thus each creature is playable at one of his home sites or their region, to prevent opponent playing him.
Event part is an heavy GI reducer increasing his controller's lure for home, if opponent still succeeded to play him.
Stay her Appetite in sideboard is very useful too.

Revealed to All Watchers allows to draw earlier Gandalf, Gollum, or The One Ring later.
Power Built by Waiting is chosen because of drawing of the fellowship, just like Fellowship in sideboard.

Play Notes

Since there are few items card in hand, first turn may be very different.
If you haven't any MP in hand first turn, go to Moria where most stuff is playable, or to Lorien for Leaf Brooch if you haven't any canceller too.
If you have a Gold Ring, go to Gladden Fields where Star-glass is usable against aa.

Dead Marshes is the better choice for Scroll of Isildur thanks to Star-glass.
Save Bandit Lair until you draw Token of Goodwill.
Offer the Star-glass to the bandits to search for Gollum (or The One Ring later).

The biggest threat for Hobbits is Beorning Skin-changers.
As soon as you see one of them roaming, sideboard quickly Promptings of Wisdom for Sam.

If you play My Precious early to prevent opponent playing Gollum, don't forget to discard the turn before you'll play it !
Otherwise you're stuck unless you have in hand Withdrawn to Mordor you've sideboarded.

Gandalf enters play at Lorien, even if drawn the first turn.
He thus may play safely Leaf Brooch.
He should wait for Hobbits to test theirs Gold Rings with the Scroll.
Be sure to sideboard Wizard's River Horses against Khamul machine.

Don't forget to free GI thanks to special rings.
With a Lesser Ring, Gandalf may control Sam, Merry and Pippin, and Strider one of them.
With The One Ring Frodo may control one if them.

Sideboard cards in the following order :
- The One Ring
- Wizard's Tests
- Fellowship or Free to Choose
- Master of Esgaroth
- Gollum's Fate
- Old Friendship

If you start last turn at Lorien, use Master of Esgaroth at Easterling Camp to move again to Mount Doom.
If you played Stealth you're totally safe (excepting at Mount Doom itself).

If before end of game you're sure you can't fulfill scenario, sideboard Ents of Fangorn to avoid opponent doubling factions.

MP overview (expected / max)

Relevant only if scenario isn't fulfilled

Characters : 6 / 9
Items : 14 / 19
Factions : 0 / 3
Allies : 2 / 2
Miscellanous : 0 / 0
Kill : 0 / 0
Total : 22 / 33
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