Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

Post by Arkhorail »

Pallando or Gandalf must be your fallen-wizard, and you can only have Dunadan characters.
To win this scenario, you must have the following:
- A protected Wizard-haven at one of the following site : Weathertop, Tharbad or The White Towers
- A Palantir (chosen between Annuminas, Osgiliath, Amon Sul or Elostirion) is stored at one of the above protected Wizard-haven with Align Palantir or Focus Palantir played on it
- Ranger of the North and any one other Dunadan faction
- Reforged Anduril in the hands of Gandalf’s friend or Pallando’s Apprentice
- Either Gwaihir or The Great Eagles are in play

What do you think of it ?
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Re: Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

Post by Yegor »

Perhaps, Bill the Pony/Noble Steed and Noble Hound instead of Gwaihir/Eagles?
More Dunadanish, than eagles.

Plus, there's only one Dunadan faction associated with Arnor. So, perhaps, another Man faction (Hillmen, Lossoth). Or, perhaps, Hobbits (as a tribute to the company of Hobbit archers sent to fight Angmar).
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Re: Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

Post by Sam.Gamdschie »

The original spirit we made up this scenario tournament was the idea to have something where unexperienced players (also newbies) can take place but also experienced players get more fun due to not playing the very same "winning" deck every time.
Thus in the rules (until now) you may not play a Fallen-Wizard (or The Balrog). In case you want to play Ringwraith you opponent must also have a Ringwraith deck (both must also have a Wizard deck if the play against "wizard-only"-players).

In my perspective, to implement Fallen-wizards in the format a set of several scenarios have to be created and the rule can be extended in the same way like we did for Ringwraiths years ago.

Just my comment
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