Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

To fulfill a scenario a player has to meet all deck building requirements during the whole game, and additionally the winning requirements for a certain scenario at the end of a game. There are 16 wizard scenarios and 6 ringwraith scenarios...

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Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

Post by Arkhorail » Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:00 pm

Pallando or Gandalf must be your fallen-wizard, and you can only have Dunadan characters.
To win this scenario, you must have the following:
- A protected Wizard-haven at one of the following site : Weathertop, Tharbad or The White Towers
- A Palantir (chosen between Annuminas, Osgiliath, Amon Sul or Elostirion) is stored at one of the above protected Wizard-haven with Align Palantir or Focus Palantir played on it
- Ranger of the North and any one other Dunadan faction
- Reforged Anduril in the hands of Gandalf’s friend or Pallando’s Apprentice
- Either Gwaihir or The Great Eagles are in play

What do you think of it ?

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Re: Fallen scenario proposal : Restore the might of Arnor

Post by Yegor » Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:24 am

Perhaps, Bill the Pony/Noble Steed and Noble Hound instead of Gwaihir/Eagles?
More Dunadanish, than eagles.

Plus, there's only one Dunadan faction associated with Arnor. So, perhaps, another Man faction (Hillmen, Lossoth). Or, perhaps, Hobbits (as a tribute to the company of Hobbit archers sent to fight Angmar).

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