need advise regarding a brief visit to Paris

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need advise regarding a brief visit to Paris

Post by marcos »

Hello to the French community. Just in case that some might not know me, i am Marcos Cáceres from Argentina. I been playing this game for quite some time already (about 13 or 14 years). I used to play a lot back then but when the game started to dissapear i luckily found GCCG to play online. Most (if not all) of my games are played online nowadays.
I am one of the representatives of Argentine council and a member of the Council of Elrond as well.

Ok, enough of introductions and get to the point. My job has been going pretty fine last year and i am finally able to afford a trip to the next Lure, not only that, but also i would like to spend a couple of days in Paris after Lure. I already booked my train which will leave me on Gare du Nord station. Of course as most tourist, i would like to know the eiffel tower, the arc of triumph, roland garros, etc.

So my question is wheter is it better to book a hotel in north paris (near Gare du Nord station), or centre paris (touristic attractions) which i thinkthat could be more expensive??? And how expesinve will be to move through Paris and how much time will take to move from one site to another.

I think there is nobody better to answer my doubts than the people that knows Paris :)

Thanks a lot in advice!
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Re: need advise regarding a brief visit to Paris

Post by Kosmo »

Hello Marcos!

I am in Brussels, capital of Belgium and Europe, and only 1:25min from Paris with the Thalys (name of the TGV train between France and Belgium). Paris is a tremendous place to visit, but you have to set your priorities when you have only a couple of days.

At least three French guys will come to Stahleck and leave it by train, so you will probably
meet them there and be able to discuss if you are in the same train to return!
Darksatin will probably give you good advice.

As a tourist myself, I have good addresses for libraries and second-hand books and game shops, plus the specialized fine chocolates shops. If interested in these, drop me a note by PM.

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Re: need advise regarding a brief visit to Paris

Post by marcos »

well, i'm not going to Paris right after Lure, i'll be going a couple of days later. First i'll be getting to know a bit more of Germany.

But of course, i'll like to get those addresses :)

For now, my priorities are Eiffel tower, Arc of triumph and Roland Garros, maybe Notre Dame cathedral but i'm not too much into religious stuff, its just the architecture that catches my attention.
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Re: need advise regarding a brief visit to Paris

Post by Bandobras Took »

If you can, swing through Dijon on your way; they still have some of the best pastries I've ever tasted in my life. :)
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Re: need advise regarding a brief visit to Paris

Post by Darksatin »

Hello ! Sorry for the late answer, but I was on holidays…
I no longer live in Paris, but I can try to give to you some informations.
The Eiffel Tower, The Arc of Triumph (and the Avenue des Champs Elysées) are classics for tourist visits.
I am skeptical about Roland Garros (there are no tournaments in this season). But if you are a tennis fan maybe you can visit the Roland Garros Museum :
The Notre Dame Cathedral is worth a look, but you can go to the Louvre Museum which is not far. And you can visit some gaming stores in the Quartier Latin (but no MECCG stuff for years….) :
Descartes Ecoles 52 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris
Œuf Cube 24 rue Linné 75005 Paris
Starplayer 16 rue Lagrange 75005 Paris
Variantes 29 rue Saint-André des Arts 75006 Paris

You can also go to the Château de Versailles. It’s easy to come from Paris.
But may be difficult if you stay only two days.

You can move through Paris by Metro or RER (express) relatively quickly.
It must be better to buy a « Paris Visite travel card » : ... sentation/
Try to avoid peak hours (the lines are crowded). And watch out for pickpockets…

To book an hotel : everything is expensive in Paris. But maybe you can try this site :

Not many really active MECCG players in Paris. You can see some names in the topic « Liste de joueurs par région » in the french subforum.

I don’t know about Dijon pastries, but you can find good food anywhere in Paris. Especially after having tasted Castle Stahleck food…

You can send me a MP if you want more informations…
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