Looking to create Orc themed solitaire deck

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Looking to create Orc themed solitaire deck

Post by Ug-Balrok »

I am a relatively new player but have been a long admirer of MECCG. Looking for help on how to create a solo scenario game where I am an Orc, probably Shagrat, and quest upon finding the one ring to please my dark lord. Any tips on how to create your own solitaire theme deck would be greatly appreciative.
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Re: Looking to create Orc themed solitaire deck

Post by CDavis7M »

Ug-Balrok, unfortunately I do not know of any solo scenarios for minions. I did a quick look and couldn't find any, let alone what you asked.

But, there are several sources for solo scenarios that you can use to get started.

Some of the official Player Guides and other books have scenarios in them (not all though, and not the Lidless Eye Guide it seems).

Here is a post by our friend darkyeoman with solo scenarios: https://councilofelrond.org/forum/viewt ... =88&t=2912

He has his own website here: https://meccg.wordpress.com/

There is another set of solo rules over on Board Game Geek by Simon Cogan. But I have not tried them:- https://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/ ... iant-rules

And this link has some of the official scenarios as well as others - https://web.archive.org/web/20091026173 ... narios.htm

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Re: Looking to create Orc themed solitaire deck

Post by ForgeFrance »

There is a minion solitaire scenario called Sauron's Revenge which is basically what you have described in that you are trying to please the Dark Lord.

Im sure its in The Lidless Eye companion published by ICE. Ill get my copy out later and confirm that.

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