COVID-19 project: Scenario book

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COVID-19 project: Scenario book

Post by thenamelessthing »

Hi everyone,

After the Istari dice project I have a new covid project. I notice that there are several people who play in single player mode and others are not. With the arrival of Northern Waste, I told myself that to make a book regrouping all the scenario solitaire and scenarios already published in one book, that would be great. What do you think of my project?

This means:
- Solo scenario
- 2 players scenario
- Scenario found on the Internet (ex: and if I can obtain author authorization)
- Hamburger Scenario Tournament (with french point revision)

What is missing (content to be created?):
- Fallen Wizards scenario
- Ringwraith scenario
- I would like to include at least 1 scenario for each released DC set including Northern Waste and Morgoth's legacy

To see if we are on the same wavelength on this subject, I was wondering if it would be relevant to include the scenarios already published in some ICE books (ex: Long expected party)? However, maybe not the one regarding Northern Waste being that I imagine it will be included in the player's guide?

Let me know your ideas. Or even better, any help will be welcome!

Thank you
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Re: COVID-19 project: Scenario book

Post by CDavis7M »

There are Ringwraith scenarios in the MELE books. And my impression is that some of the multiplayer scenarios could be modified for solitaire play.

There is already 1 solitaire scenario in the NW module and it is fun. In fact, the sample deck is actually pretty good on it's own for 1v1 play. Unfortunately it is better/easier than any of the actual DC NW deck designs I can make. Not a statement I make lightly.

There is one character/party based scenario from ICE that would be good for solitaire play. I believe that they face waves of enemies. I need to look up which one it is again.

The Hamburger Scenarios are more like the 3 Council of Lorien scenarios from the Companion. They are individual scenarios not shared by your opponent. Personally, I think it is more interesting when your opponent shares the scenario, as in MANY A GLEAMING GOLDEN HOARD. I think this scenario's format can easily be adapted to the underdeeps, Dwarf Lords (the treasures), and Elf Lords (the swords).

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