Dissipate Darkness/Audacity (cross listing)

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Dissipate Darkness/Audacity (cross listing)

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I promised a friend that if I got a copy of every region card I would try to create a game variant that uses them (in a way that a map alone would not suffice). Dissipate Darkness/Audacity is the delayed result of that promise, mixed with a desire for a general cooperative variant. By “general” I mean that it is intended to be compatible with existing standard decks (2-deck games) by simply removing their hazard portions.

Of relevance for this Solitaire sub-forum is that the rules also encompass a single player with a single resource deck. I figured I'd cross-list here for the strong solitaire community that might not bother to check the Scenario sub-forum. See https://councilofelrond.org/forum/viewt ... =56&t=4472.
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