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The Old Ore Found!

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:30 am
by AbeSargent
Hello folks! This I the first scenario that I designed. I saw the ones here and was inspired to create my own. Please let me know if I'm unclear or could fix things up. I'm working on three more at various lengths of completion, and I would love some feedback and such. Thanks thanks!!!

The Old Ore Found:

After being sent away from Moria, and many parties lost there, the dwarven desire for the ancient and powerful ore of Mithril is once again flaming high. The dwarves have created and equipped an expedition to find, unearth, and then mine the precious metal, and finally return with it.

You begin the game at the Dwarf Hold of your choice. For this game, the Dwarf Holds are Havens, and must be used to store your various goods.

You are a party of dwarves. You are not welcome in Lorien, and cannot use it as a Haven or enter it for any reason.

For purposes of this game, the key sites are returned to the site deck after being used. They are untapped and ready to be reentered again if you return.

However, things might get a little heated in Moria....

Beginning Party:

Choose one of the key dwarven leaders (Dain II, Thorin II, Thrain II) and that person must begin in your army. This character is referred to as your Leader. Your Leader must never die. If he dies, or loses a corruption check, then you lose the game. (You may run more than one of these characters in your party, so you could have Dain and Thorin, with Dain as your Leader - but even if Dain dies and Thorin is still there, you lose - the leadership doesn't pass on. The quest is over). You may recruit any dwarf at a Dwarf Hold, or at Moria. You begin the game with 25 general influence, and you may not use any wizards in your deck. You may use 2 minor items as normal.

Your party may only be constructed of dwarves, and no other race can be in it. You may only have one party.

Steps to Win:

1. No one alive can remember where the old ore can even be found anymore! You need to play Map to Mithril at an information site. Is the map correct? Head over to Moria, enter it, and then check it out, tap it, and then return to the Dwarf Hold to store it and report your findings. And maybe to heal up a bit too.
2. Now that you have verified the Map to Mithril, you need to the Under-deeps. Choose any site that you like, and play the Vein of Arda. It's true, you have found the place to hit! Store it and get more news. (You may only store the Vein at a Dwarf Hold).
3. You find dwarven runes scratched into the area where the Vein of Arda was found. They discuss an item even more precious than Mithril. The Gems of Arda! Head to the Gem-Deeps and play the Gems of Arda.
4. You can store the Gems or continue on your way, whichever you prefer, but use the Map and the Vein to head over to the Under-Gates. Enter there and have your Leader collect the Mithril.
5. Return the Mithril (and maybe the Gems) to a Dwarf Hold and store them. You must pass the corruption check that the Mithril requires. You may not use any cards or tap any characters in support of this final corruption check. If your Leader passes, then congratulations, you have brought back the Mithril successfully, and won this scenario!

After you leave Moria for the first time, and deal, or dodge, a certain Balrog (see below), any future trip to Moria gets an additional Automatic Attack of 2 strikes of troll at 9 prowess.

Building your deck:

Play 25 resources in your resource deck. You must have, in your deck, the cards Mithril, Map to Mithril, Veins of Arda, and Gems of Arda. Since everything not named "Mithril" is non-unique, you may run more than one of them - it's probably a good idea to run two or three Maps and Veins, to ensure you can start out early on. You have the normal 8 cards in hand.

Do not include any spells, or similar things. Keep everything Dwarvish or generic, don't add in cards that make no flavorful sense at all.

You may take any number of turns, or equip your characters as much or as little as you wish. If you want to head into Moria and play some great weapons or armor to make the rest of the game easier, that's fine. You might want to play anything from Dwarven Light Stone to Endless Stair.

You may have some additional dwarves in you deck as well.

End of turn : you can discard 1 card, and draw 1 card

Playing the Hazards -

When the party moves, flip over cards from the Hazard deck equal to the # given, and play all that can be played on the party. Play them in the most intelligent and dangerous manner for your party. Any Hazards which are not played are kept, until a future turn where they can be played. The Hazard hand never discards and has no hand size.

Create a 30 card hazard deck. You must run the Balrog. Before the game begins, find the Balrog and put it into play. Make a hazard deck with at last 15 creatures. They need to be playable in places like Moria, the Under-Gates, the Gem-Deeps, and other nearby places in and around the area. Creatures like Buthrakaur the Green, Durin's Bane for later, or Barrow Wights are good choices.

Adventuring this long can be really wearying on a dwarf. You must run at least 5 corruption cards. If you reveal one, then target the dwarven Leader first. Good choices include Lure of Expedience. Cards like Greed also make sense here. Use corruptions that are good with against dwarves, or objects. You should include at least one Weariness of the Heart, which, when drawn, is played on your Leader.

The game is lost if your Leader dies or fails a corruption check.

When either the hazard deck or the resource deck is exhausted, shuffle the discarded cards to make a new deck with them.

I'll post sample decks in a moment. Let me know what you think!

Re: The Old Ore Found!

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:08 am
by AbeSargent
Sample Resource Deck:


Thrain II - Leader
Bifur - Miruvor
Oin - Miruvor

In Deck: Fili, Kili, Bofur, Glion, Dwalin

3 Escape
3 The Dwarves Are Upon You
2 Map to Mithril
2 Vein of Arda
1 Gems of Arda
1 Mithril
1 Torque of Hues
1 Durin's Axe
1 Glamdring
1 Dwarven Light Stone
3 Fellowship
1 Ancient Stair
1 The Arkenstone
1 Miruvor
1 Orcrist
1 Into Dark Tunnels
1 Shield of Rohan

Sample Hazard Deck

1 Balrog of Moria
1 Rogrog
1 Gothmog
1 Buthrakaur the Green
1 each Tom, Bert, and William
1 The Great Goblin
1 The Mouth of Sauron
1 Umagaur the Pale
3 Trolls from the Mountains
2 Olog-Hai
2 Greed
1 Weariness of the Heart
3 Lure of Expedience
2 Despair of the Heart
1 Earth Tremors
2 The Black Enemy's Wrath
1 Redoubled Force
1 The Way is Shut
1 Drums