A small gift for dutch players

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A small gift for dutch players

Post by nico21000 »

Hello, pals.

Sorry for posting here in english, but unfortunately I don't know a single word in your language...

As you know, the Bilbo and Udûn cards were never printed for the game release in your language.

So, here's a small gift for you... It is part of a HUGE project that I have in mind, that you'll hear about soon, and in which you can get involved ! Stay tuned and enjoy ! [-me_cp-]
metw_bilbo_dutch.png (1.2 MiB) Viewed 82 times
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Re: A small gift for dutch players

Post by Eonwe »

thank you Nico! Just what I was looking for... We opened a dutch 1 ring today, from the boosters bought at lure! :P

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