How rare is Dutch Fatty?

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How rare is Dutch Fatty?

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Hi Dutch players,

Can anyone tell me how rare is the Dutch Fatty?

Some people think it is almost as rare as a Jap Fury? What is the reality.

For example, do all the Dutch players on here have a Dutch Fatty, or is it hard to get?

This question bugs me: How many Dutch Fatty's were printed? How did Dutch players get one? I heard it was only given out at tournaments?
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Re: How rare is Dutch Fatty?

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How rare? hmmm.
Don't know how many were ever printed or distributed, but they were quite available in the 90's. Handed out at events and game fairs. Most Dutch players of yore will have it. I've traded away a few back in the day, and now regret it :lol:

That said, by now there's not many available, and Dutch Fatty has become quite pricy. But it's certainly not as rare as Japanese Fury, of which some say only 12 (or so) are known to the community (or survived, because it's unlikely that few were printed).
Value is all up for grabs of course.
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