Some German cards for sale

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:!: - - - if this thread pollutes in any way the German MCCG Community forum, feel free to PM me and I'll delete it A.S.A.P. - - - :!:


I sell some German rare cards : you can find my thread on this forum :

:arrow: viewtopic.php?f=124&t=4347

I'm French, so my knowledge of the German cards value could be inaccurate : feel free to tell me if there is something you need (or if you want to start a Bilbo collection ;)

You can also find some pictures of the cards with prices here :




> many Bilbo(s), Frodo(s) and 2 Eine Ring... : I collected them in all the languages possible due to my passion for Angus McBride and Angelo Montanini illustrations...

You can find positive feedbacks on my thread, PayPal is OK and charge free in the UE.

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