FS - My entire collection

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FS - My entire collection

Post by Eyelid »

Hello to all,

I've decided to sell off my entire collection. The 21 items I'm selling are currently listed on eBay. I've included the auction number for the first item listed below, from there, you can easily check out all the other auctions.

All cards are in near-mint condition. Most cards went straight into 9-pocket sleeve pages and saw very little play (and when they were used for play, they were sleeved), so it’s possible that two or three cards might have a couple of very minor scuff marks, but nothing serious.

I have a couple more full sets of the Wizards and the Lidless Eye and of every other set, though for the second or third Wizards (black borders) and Lidless Eye sets I don’t think I have the site cards (I’ll make that clear in the auctions when the time comes). So if you miss out on this auction, I expect to be putting up another full set within the next few weeks.

I hope this will generate some interest.

Here's the full the list of everything I'm selling:

Card sets

The Wizards – black borders, full set (no region cards) - 302543862193
The Wizards – blue borders, full set (no region cards) – some cards might have black borders
The Dragons – full set
Dark Minions – full set
The Lidless Eye – full set (one full set in English, one in French)
Against the Shadow – full set (including all R1 rare cards)
The White Hand – full set
The Balrog – full set (both green and red boxes, though I’m not sure I still have the boxes, I’ll have to check. I do, however, have a copy of the rule book).

All ten challenge decks (eight opened, two are still sealed).

All cards in these sets are in near-mint or excellent condition (a couple of cards might show a tiny mark or three around the edges, but nothing serious).
As stated above, they were almost never played with, I was much more of a collector than a player.

Books and player guides

Mastering Middle-earth (by Scott Langlinais) – book has a thin plastic cover that has creased a bit over the years, not sure how that happened but the pages are in very good condition. I’ll include a picture.

The Lidless Eye Player Guide
The Lidless Eye Companion
The Wizards Player Guide
The Wizards Companion
The Dragons Player Guide
The Wizards Casual Companion
A Long-Expected Party (MeCCG Sites and Scenarios – map is included)
Dark Minions Player Guide
Le Jeu de Cartes du Seigneur des Anneaux – Le Guide des Sorciers (the French-language version of The Wizards Player Guide)

All these guides have some shelf wear, some a bit more than others, but inside pages are in very good condition. Most of them have the owner’s name written in pencil (one is in ink) on the front page. If you feel the photos don’t do justice, please feel free to ask me for some more details and I’ll do my best to answer you.


Middle-earth: The Wizards Starter Set (opened, played once or twice, all components present, including two special dice, two small figures and two small tokens)

Thanks for watching, thanks for bidding.
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Re: Selling my entire collection

Post by rommel »

Is your sale over? That item# is coming up empty on ebay.

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Re: Selling my entire collection

Post by CardGameGeek »

Yes Rommel, the sale is over, sadly.
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