[Deck Dunadan-lord Imrahil] Sea-realm of Gondor

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[Deck Dunadan-lord Imrahil] Sea-realm of Gondor

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This deck is the one I played last year at Lure (indeed I'm a bit late !).

Prince Imrahil relies on friendship between Elves of Edhellond and Dunedain of Dol Amroth to achieve his goal.
He wants Gondor to have great might over the seas and himself at his head.
He'll strengthen Pelargir and unlock secrets of Tolfalas.
He'll focus on subduing Umbar in order to be keep safe all Gondor's coasts.

[DC] stands for a Dreamcard.

Character Pool

Starting Company
[DC MeFB] Cirdor + Thrall of the Voice + Elf-stone
Firiel + Horn of Anor
[DC MeWR] Argirion + [DC MeWR] Knight of Dor En-ernil
[DC MeWR] Dunadan Mariner
Mablung + Healing Herbs
+ [DC MeWR] Tower of Amroth

In deck

Not in deck
[DC MeFB] Tharudan
[DC MeWR] Hirluin the Fair
[DC MeWR] Lothiriel

Avatar and Characters

[DC MeWR] Prince Imrahil
[DC MeWR] Prince Imrahil
[DC MeWR] Prince Imrahil
[DC MeWR] Prince Imrahil
[DC MeWR] Dunadan Mariner
[DC MeWR] Dunadan Mariner
[DC MeWR] Golasgil
[DC MeTN] Lomelinde
[DC MeWR] Thorongil (replaced by Golodhros against Dark/Grey Players)


Men of Anfalas
[DC MeFB Promo] Elves of Edhellond
Knights of Dol Amroth
[DC MeWR] Royal Navy
Men of Lebennin

Nenselde the Wingild

[DC MeWR] Elendilmir
[DC MeTI] Guthwine
[DC MeTI] Herugrim
[DC MeNW] Gaerennon

[DC MeWR] Kin to the Firstborn
[DC MeWR] Swan of Amroth
[DC MeWR] Grace of Uinen
[DC MeWR] The Seaward Tower
[DC MeFB] Ancient Knowledge
[DC MeFB] Ancient Knowledge
[DC MeFB] Ancient Knowledge

[DC MeWR] The Wind is Turning
[DC MeWR] The Wind is Turning
[DC MeNM] Eru's Gift
[DC MeWR] Get You Gone !
Flatter a Foe
Crept along Cleverly
Crept along Cleverly
Dark Quarrels
Lordly Presence
A Chance Meeting
Marvels Told
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
Longbottom Leaf


[DC MeFB] Falathrim
[DC MeFB] Falathrim
[DC MeWR] Errand-riders of Gondor
[DC MeWR] Errand-riders of Gondor
[DC MeWR] Errand-riders of Gondor
Gondorian Rangers
Gondorian Rangers
Steward's Guard
Steward's Guard
Arthadan Rangers (replaced by Rangers at Sarn Ford against Dark/Grey Players)
Arthadan Rangers (replaced by Rangers at Sarn Ford against Dark/Grey Players)
Arthadan Rangers (replaced by Rangers at Sarn Ford against Dark/Grey Players)
Knights of the Prince (replaced by Sons of Kings against Dark/Grey Players)
Lord of the Haven (replaced by Lady of the Golden Wood against Dark/Grey Players)

[DC MeWR] Beacons Alight !
[DC MeWR] Beacons Alight !
[DC MeWR] The Muster of Gondor
[DC MeTN] Betrayer's Heart (replaced by [MeTI] Ambush ! against Dark/Grey Players)
Chill Them with Fear
Chill Them with Fear
Chill Them with Fear
Returned Beyond all Hope
Returned Beyond all Hope

[DC MeRS] Many Burdens
[DC MeRS] His Own Master
[DC MeRS] Thrice-told Tales
[DC MeTI] Forgot his Orders
[DC MeTI] Grasping and Ungracious
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost
An Unexpected Outpost


vs. all
No Strangers at this Time
[DC MeWR] Eithel Ulmo
Great Ship
[DC MeWR] Son of Adrahil
[DC MeWR] Guild of the Venturers
[DC MeWR] Leaguer of Pelargir
Legacy of Smiths
[DC MeWR] Feudal Bonds Broken
Fair Sailing
[DC MeFB] Hair of Uinen
[DC MeNW] Great Seagull
Star of High Hope
[DC MeSL] Ulmodili
[DC MeWR] Raid on Umbar
[DC MeWR] Fiefdom Reclaimed
Umbarean Corsairs
[DC MeWR] Black Numenoreans
[DC MeWR] Black Numenoreans
[DC MeSL] Tarma of Ar-Pharazon
[DC MeWR] Oaths you Have Taken
[DC MeSL] Sea Blockade
[DC MeNM] Doomed to Die
[DC MeTI] Grima Wormtongue
[DC MeWR] No More Would Come (replaced by [MeWR] Last Army of the West against Dark/Grey Players)
[DC MeNM] Hunt for the Ring (replaced by [MeTN] Lure of Magic against Dark/Grey Players)
[DC MeNW] Mordo (replaced by [MeWR] Engines of Defense against Dark/Grey Players)
[DC MeSL] Seafaring Bellakarin
[DC MeSL] Drought
[DC MeKN] Bloodeye Ravish

vs. Fallen
Call of the Sea
Diminish and Depart
Drowning Seas
[DC MeKN] Fire Unwatched
[DC MEFB] He is Lost to Us
[DC MeWR] Politics
[DC MeDF] All This Dwarvish Racket
[DC MeDF] Call of the Deeps
[DC MeWR] Heritage Forsaken
[DC MeWR] Kin-strife

vs. Grey
[DC MeGW] Birthspot
[DC MeGW] Dragon's Sleep
[DC MeGW] Riches Gathered
[DC MeGW] Western Winds
[DC MeGW] Cursed Treasure
[DC MeGW] Angurth Ahunt
[DC MeRS] No Memory of this Place
The Way is Shut
Fled into Darkness


Isles of the Dead that Live => [DC MeNW] Gaerennon, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
Isle of the Ulond => [DC MeNW] Gaerennon, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
[DC MeWR] Tharagondost => [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
Lond Galen => Men of Anfalas
[DC MeFB] Edhellond => [DC MeFB Promo] Elves of Edhellond
Dol Amroth => Knights of Dol Amroth, Nenselde the Wingild
Pelargir => [DC MeWR] Royal Navy, Men of Lebennin
Tolfalas => [DC MeWR] Grace of Uinen, [DC MeWR] Elendilmir, [DC MeNW] Gaerennon, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
Gobel Mirlond => Umbarean Corsairs, [DC MeWR] Black Numenoreans, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
[DC MeSL] Umbar => [DC MeWR] Raid on Umbar, Umbarean Corsairs, [DC MeWR] Black Numenoreans, [DC MeSL] Tarma of Ar-Pharazon, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
[DC MeSL] Dusalan => [DC MeWR] Black Numenoreans, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
[DC MeSL] Tol Uialgaer => [DC MeSL] Ulmodili
[DC MeSL] Tol Glingal => [DC MeSL] Ulmodili, [DC MeNW] Gaerennon, [DC MeTI] Guthwine, [DC MeTI] Herugrim
[DC MeSL] Pelican Islands => [DC MeNW] Great Seagull, [DC MeSL] Ulmodili

Play tips

Each character in deck has home site at a port in Gondor.

Starting game with Tower of Amroth protects Dol Amroth from Assassin.

Cirdor represents Elves and will rally Elves of Edhellond.
His enhanced prowess at sea is a must, because sites in deck are only isles or ports.
His back-up is Tharudan.

Firiel is the key character for factions : she auto-influences factions with help of Horn of Anor.
Firiel may be played without any cards according to the Lords rule.
Her back-up is Surion.

Argirion shines as Knight of Dor En-ernil.
He's a strong knight who can bring easily character into play.

Dunadan Mariners are key characters for movement.
Always travel by ship with port movement thanks to their ability.
Thus companies will only travel through Coastal Seas.

Mablung is low-cost and may influence Men of Anfalas.
With low body he'll be very useful ... by sacrificing !

Other characters straight in deck help for factions :
- Golasgil for Men of Anfalas
- Arinmir (errated for DC) for Elves of Edhellond
- Adrazar naturally for every faction
- Anborn for Men of Lebennin

For purpose of buiding deck, Lomelinde, Elwen, Herion and Thorongil are considered characters.
But in fact they should normally be played as agents.
Lomelinde deserves focus with her special ability (attacking with +1 strike) and her wide range with home sites (Umbar and a site in Southern Rhovanion).

Hazard part is an heavy Dunadan creature theme.
Errand-riders of Gondor allows nice combo.
Use Beacons Alight carefully to recycle Dunadan creatures, because of backfire with automatic-attacks.
The Muster of Gondor is used as defense against Lost in Free-domains.
Additionally remember Falathrim may be played as resource to cancel Corsairs of Umbar attack !

Main company is starting company without Cirdor.

Main company will use a wide diversity of cancellers to avoid nasty sea creatures.
Remember to always use port movement to be only vulnerable at sea.
Twilight is a defense against Drownings Seas and Winds of Wrath.
Get you Gone avoid for example recycling with Mouth of Sauron and Uvatha.

The trick of the deck is Eru's Gift.
When needed a low-body character must take 2 strikes.
Thus he'll have high chance to die in order to untap all characters in company !

Main company influence factions at ports ; use Lordly Presence when needed.
Be sure to play one of the factions playable at Pelargir.
Royal Navy is best with 2 nice abilities, and is moreover a Dunadan faction (which is prerequisite for Eithel Ulmo).

Main company gather items at isles.
Gaerennon has nice abilities and is moreover great born by an Elf.
Legay of Smiths is needed for full MP.

Keep Cirdor at Dol Amroth waiting for Prince Imrahil (for Ancient Knowledge), except for influencing Elves of Edhellond.

When Prince Imrahil enters play, he'll stay at Dol Amroth for sideboard to discard :
- Star of High Hope
- Sun (best if opponent plays with Elves)
- Great Ship
- Son of Adrahil
- Guild of the Venturers
- Leaguer of Pelargir
- Hair of Uinen
- Fair Sailing

Prince Imrahil must play Nenselde, which is the only ally straight in deck.
Be sure to play her, otherwise sideboard Great Seagull.
Nenselde's task is to recycle Star of High Hope or Hair of Uinen (which is great protection against nasty environments).

Prince Imrahil almost auto-influence Knights of Dol Amroth.
Note Knights of Dol Amroth is worth 3 MP because Dol Amroth is normally not a haven, because Tower of Amroth is needed for that.
In order to play Nenselde and Knights, Dol Amroth must be left (thus site goes to site pile and Prince Imrahil recycles Tower of Amroth).

Ancient Knowledge must be played on Cirdor or Prince Imrahil with Kin to the Firstborn (it's needed too to have full MP for Elf characters and factions).
3 copies are needed :
- one for The Seaward Tower
- one for Elendilmir
- one for Raid on Umbar

The Seaward Tower is a cool defense for companies navigating back to Dol Amroth.
Foreseeing creatures and waylaying them by Men of Anfalas, Elves of Edhellond and/or Knights of Dol Amroth is great.

The first mission of Prince Imrahil is navigating to Tolfalas to play Grace of Uinen and Elendilmir.
Be sure to have both before going there.
With Grace of Uinen, Nenselde will have no more movement restriction thanks to Hair of Uinen, and Fair Sailing can be played each turn for free.
Fun part with Nenselde afterwards is moving to Tol Uialgaer to influence Ulmodili.

Meanwhile the mission of main company is to make Pelargir a stronghold for the fleet.
When the faction is played, wait for No Strangers at this Time to keep site in play.
Then with Royal Navy or Knights of Dol Amroth in play, Eithel Ulmo can be played there.
Eithel Ulmo has great ability, viewing top cards of deck for free.
With Swan of Amroth on Imrahil, take Guild of the Venturers while a company is at Pelargir.

With Guild of the Venturers, Grace of Uinen and faction at Pelargir, all prerequisites are met for Feudal Bonds Broken.
Additionnally don't forget to use Guild of the Venturers to play Leaguer of Pelargir.
Leaguer of Pelargir gives full MP for Man factions and Raid on Umbar.

Finally build a big company to siege Umbar with Raid on Umbar.
At best don't sail with Elves because of auto-attack.
Argirion should lead assault with a sword.
Afterwards Fiefdom Reclaimed must be played, and then Black Numenoreans at Umbar and Tarma of Ar-Pharazon.
Other Black Numenoreans must be played at Dusalan.
Play Umbarean Corsairs at Gobel Mirlond and Oaths you Have Taken on them.

MP overview (expected / max)
Characters : 9 / 14
Items : 5 / 9
Factions : 13 / 27
Allies : 1 / 2
Miscellanous : 5 / 8
Kill : 1 / 3
Total : 34 / 63
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Re: [Deck Dunadan-lord Imrahil] Sea-realm of Gondor

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just a short note, The King's Men faction replaces the non-unique version of Black Numenoreans

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