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Hello, i am new here and selling mostly Finnish cards from 'The Wizards' and small amount english cards from 'The Dragons' and 'Dark Minions'. I have done few successful trades/sales through Facebook and Ebay international and finally i decided to drop the list here. I also have huge amounts of Finnish Common/Uncommon/Fixed cards but they can be asked by private message, also small amount of English cards.
I am located in Finland so international shipping can be done long as buyer pays the shipping fee.
Cards are Ex-NM-Mint condition and i will double check the conditions when someone finds something intresting and price is for single card and can of course be refine if the price seems off. photos will be sended if asked :)
Reserved cards are deleted after succesful sale :)
If someone is fan enough to buy every card you can give me a PM and we can discuss about the price, including everything i have in meccg, the whole sale list here + huge amounts of C/UC/Fixed cards. Id say close to 9.000, most are pack fresh condition also.

Next four items are open for offers:
The one ring (english, unlimited)
Yksi sormus / the one ring (finnish, Rauk Card graded 9 Mint)
Frodo (finnish, Rauk Card graded 9 Mint)
Middle-earth the wizards companion book english

Pricing on the Finnish cards are ~ -30% off from English card list from Facebook.
Finnish The Wizards (Keski-maan velhot):
Smaug 8.9€
Klonkun kohtalo / Gollums Fate 2.7€
2x Velhon tuli / Wizards Fire 3.1€
Minas morgul 4.7€
2x Nenya 7.5€
Iso hiisi / the great goblin 1.8€
Dwar wawilainen / Dwar of Waw 5.1€
Uvatha ratsumies / Uvatha the horseman 11€
2x Elrond 7.4€
2x Sauronin suu / Mouth of Sauron 18.7€
Salamurhaaja / Assassin 29€
Akhorahil 6.6€
4x Morgul-veitsi / Morgul-knife 2.2€
2x Durinin heimon kääpiösormus / dwarven ring of durins tribe 2.1€
2x Lukitarin luola / Shelobs lair 4.1€
Onnekas etsintä / Lucky search 3.7€
Druinin heimon kääpiösormus / dwarven ring of druins trive 2.1€
3x Barinin heimon kääpiösormus / dwarven ring of barins tribe 2€
3x Todellinen fana / true fana 4.7€
2x Karppunahka / skinbark 1.6€
3x Siivekäs peto / fell beast 4.8€
2x Velhon sormus / wizards ring 3.4€
2x Kauheat ja voimalliset sanat / words of power and terror 2.8€
Ren saastainen / ren the unclean 4.7€
2x Hoarmurath diriläinen / Hoarmurath of dir 5.1€
2x Hobitit / Hobbits 2.6€
2x Erechin kivi / Stone of erech 1.8€
2x Piileskely / Hiding 2.1€
Kuninkaan paluu / return of the king 4.1€
Mumak (olifantti) / Mumak (Oliphant) 2.3€
2x Äänetön vartija / silent watcher 2.1€
Morgul-hevonen / Morgul-horse 6.2€
Osgiliathin palantir / palantir of osgiliath 1.5€
3x Velhon ääni / wizards voice 2.5€
2x Kotkaratsut / eagle-mounts 2.7€
2x Muodon uhraus / sacrifice of form 10€
Myötätuuli purjeissa / fair sailing 2.4€
2x Kalpea miekka / the pale sword 1.9€
2x Cirith ungol 3€
2x Vygavril 1.5€
Olemassa olon tasapaino / the balance of things 3€
2x Amon sulin palantir / palantir of amon sul 2€
Dain II 5.4€
Lumimyrsky / snowstorm 6€
2x Kuolleiden kulkutiet / paths of the dead 2.7€
2x Petturi / traitor 2.3€
Eteläisten keidas / Southorn oasis 2.7€
3x Lukitari / shelob 4€
2x Daelomin 3€
2x Vainajien armeija / army of the dead 2.5€
3x Eteläiset / southorn 2.7€
2x Kivet / stones 4€
Kivikehä / stone-circle 2.8€
Mustainmaan linnakylä / variag camp 2.5€
Khandin varjaagit / Variags of Khand 2€
3x Itäläiset / easterlings 2.3€
Morannon 2.6€
Haltialaulu / elf-song 4.5€
2x Vanhan pukelmaan metsäläiset / woses of old pukel-land 1.8€
2x Itäläisten leiri / easternling camp 2.4€
Pukelmiehet / pukel-men 3.4€
2x Varas / thief 6€
Denethor II 2.8€
Galva 2.9€
Gwaihir 1.8€
Valarin suosio / favor of the valar 1.9€
Suuri laiva / great ship 3€
Agburanar 1.6€

Pricing on the English cards are -15% off from English card list from Facebook, i will add the prices later on.
English cards:
Galadriel (unlimited, BAD shape! Works fine as playing card or beer mat) 7€
Shelobs lair (unlimited) 2.5€
Smaug (unlimited) 6.8€
Woses of old pukel-land (limited) 2€
Paths of the dead (limited) 2.9€
Thrain II 10.8€
( Got all dragon '-ahunt' cards also )
2x Agburanar at home 1€
Bairnax 7.2€
Bairanax at home 1€
Daelomin at home 1.4€
Earcaraxe at home 1.5€
Itangast 2.7€
Scatha 3€
Scorba at home 1€
2x Smaug at home 1€
The riddle game 2.2€
Fever of unrest 0.8€
Song of the lady 2.3€
Wild fell beast 6.2€
Were-worm 8.4€
Balance between powers 1.3€
Exile of solitude 0.8€
Taladhan 5€
Morgul-rats 1.1€
Velocity of haste 1.3€
Subtlety of guile 1.1€
Prowess of might 1.1€
Prowess of age 1€
Parsimony of seclusion 1.1€
Passion of wrath 0.8€
Memories stolen 1.6€
Gems of arda 1.2€
Dragon's hunger 1.1€
Helm of her secrecy 2.8€
Shadow of mordor 6.5€
No escape from my magic 2.4€
Black breath 2.1€
Staff asunder 2.4€
Nenselde the wingild 1.9€
Legendary hoard 2.5€

PS. If the pricings are off, you can mention about it. as said, i am new to sell my collections :)
-Vallu, the Finnish viking [-me_cp-] :lol:
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Two sales done, lots of cards sold but still lots of cards waiting for a new home.
"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"
-Henry Ford
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Third sale done, sold deleted. :)
"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking"
-Henry Ford
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Thanks for the smooth trade. Cards were in amazing shape!
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