805-Power Deck Notes

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805-Power Deck Notes

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This topic has notes of the Power Decks.

One issue is which alignment goes first during the power decks? A roll seems too simple. Complexity is a solution.
This goes with major league baseball in the USA. If you know about the all-star game and the world series home team
selection then you know about this idea.

The alignment to go first will be:

The alignment that has used the most different sites during the site phase.
Using a site includes:
-tapping due to a resource played by you
-initiating CvCC or FvCC
-other company v company interaction such as Land Reborn or successful influence attempts by you
-surface site visit before under-deep movement (entry point)
-under-deeps site (rest stop)
-play of a resource permanent event such as Dark Numbers during site phase or Knowledge of the Enemy, Black Rain, Elf-friend

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Re: 805-Power Deck Notes

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Power Deck sizes have been changed to 50/50/50.

This change was due to four reasons:
1) include more useful minion resources.
I dislike seeing rings end the Council Turns and then have no room for them in a Power Deck.
I made the Angmar deck and it has no Unleash or Above the Abyss

2) allow players that have an excessive Card Points for a Power Deck to use those points
It is a waste for a player to have 40 MP to end the Council Turns, then 10 more from other players,
but need 60 of the 90 (40x2+10) available Card Points. Hero players that lack the Card Points
for a Power Deck will just have to include minor items or MP-table cards to fill 50/50/50

3) allow the sum of MPs to mean something. Minions will have an abundance of MPs to start the
Power Decks; minion Angmar player will start with 80+ MPs. Maybe, the heros can load their
decks with MP-table cards such as Rescue Prisoners so to use them later.

4) allow exchanging resources for those in the sideboard during exhaustion.
I hate having 3 cards in the sideboard to start the Power Decks, then no cards are available
to exchange so to later send to the discard pile and later fetching.
example: Lord Thrain can send New Tunnesl, Into Dark Tunnels, Gnawed ways, Secret Ways, Dry Tunnels
to the sideboard then on the next turn tap to send them all to the discard pile where Dwarven Galleries
can fetch instead of drawing the cards straight from the deck.

How will this slow the game? Not much. I think now instead of exhausting thrice by Turn 14, it will be Turn 16, which
is exactly how I want it since Turns 15&16 has Gandalf, Thrain, Alatar, and Elessar as a group against Sauron, Felagrog, Smaug, and Mordor Ringwraith. I was afraid the Ringbearer will reach Mount Doom by Turn 11 and miss the fireworks.
More on the turn sequences and groups later.

Now for the hazards. I was hoping to limit the hazards. No worries; the extra sideboard will be used for resources.
But 10 more hazards go into the playdeck, which I wanted to avoid more influence-destruction hazards.
But more cards will allow the hero players something to do and minions room to include gold ring items in case
their rings are discarded.

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