Mission Statement

Welcome to the Homepage of the Council of Elrond

“That is the purpose for which you are called hither…. You have come and are here met… by chance as
it may seem. Yet it is not so. Believe rather that it is so ordered that we, who sit here… must now find counsel for… the world.”

– Elrond, Master of the House and Lord of Rivendell,
speaking to the representatives of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth,
The Fellowship of the Ring



This is the Council of Elrond – the world-coordinating body for the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game.

The Council of Elrond is proud to be a player-run organization. It was created primarily to continue and support MECCG since the closing down of the game’s manufacturer, Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) in 1999 and the dissolution of the previous world-governing council, the Council of Endor.

For many years now, dedicated players of the game have contributed their time and effort for the continuous promotion of the game, and their undying passion has resulted to a success that is a rarity for most discontinued CCGs – it has maintained its core player base active as well as the high level of competition one could always expect in the MECCG tournament scene. Additionally, the Council of Elrond has continued to promote the important works of J.R.R. Tolkien – the man who served as the inspiration for this unique and fun game.

Entering our eighteenth year, with a new set of members ready to take on the challenge, the Council of Elrond is set once again to ensure that the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game will continue to flourish and thrive. In addition to our set tasks, we hope that in this next COE session, we will come up with other helpful projects and activities to keep the game alive for each and every one’s enjoyment.

This is the Council of Elrond.

May you find wisdom and healing within these halls.