2022 Hero "World Cup" tournament

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[registration is now closed]

Dear all, registration is now open for our online Hero "World Cup" tournament (on cardnum). See below for tournament format and registration instructions.

FORMAT: Involving 16 players, the tournament will consist of an initial set of qualifier games followed by a playoff stage culminating in a final standoff. The players will be divided in 4 pools of 4 players each, who will face each other over the course of three games, accumulating tournament points (TPs) as per standard Council of Lorien rules. The first two players from each pool will then go on to the playoff stage consisting of quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final.

DECK CONSTRUCTION: This will be a sealed hero tournament, with increasing number of cards eventually covering all sets. Building from past experience of sealed tournaments the card set will consist of:

- For pool qualifier games: 2 TW starter from different fixed packs, 2 TW boosters, 1 random TW promo, at least 1 common ally (either Noble Hound or Noble Steed) and 4 random TW characters (1 each worth 3 MP, 2 MP, 1 MP, 0 MP). In addition to these cards, each player will receive one The One Ring and one Cracks of Doom. Starter deck will include randomised fixed card as described by @Theo#4594 here viewtopic.php?p=40097#p40097. Finally, players will be able to add one additional Wizard of their choice.

- Quarter-finals: 4 additional TD boosters

- Semi-finals: 4 additional DM boosters

- Final: Still TBD. Could consist of standard LE, AS and WH boosters + random cards from BA, or only of Hero+Hazards from such sets.

Players can change decks as they see fit throughout the tournament using their initial card pool and subsequent additions. Maximum sideboard size will be fixed at 20 cards during pool qualifier games and increased to up 30 for knock-out games.


1) Legal sites. Only TW site can be used in the qualifier pool games. Quarter finals games will also access to TD sites, with all hero sites being then available for semifinals and the final.

2) During knockout-stages, characters that were eliminated (through combat or corruption) or taken (and remained) prisoners in one game cannot be used in the next game.

3) Tie breakers at the end of the qualifier stage. Ties in total TPs will be decided by applying in order the following criteria a) One Ring victories, b) overall MPs difference score across the qualifier games, c) direct confrontation result between tied players, d) total MPs scored across the qualifier games.

4) Tie breaker at the knock-out stage. Ties in total MPs at the end of knock-out games will be decided first on past number of One Ring victories and then using the Weakest Link method. If an MPs tie persists, a final dice roll will decide the winner, except for the final where the final victory will be split.


Spectacting for participants in the tournament is not allowed for the first three games of the qualifier stage. Eliminated players can follow subsequent knock-out games but should not share any information about these games with players still in the competitions.


During pool games, players should report MP scores, indicating if a One Ring victory was achieved. During knockout the winner will also need to indicate which characters in their deck were eliminated during the game (through combat or corruption) or taken prisoner.


October 28: Registration open
November 4: Registratoin closes
November 5: Initial card pool issued
November 10: Players assigned to pools and qualifier games scheduled
November 11 - 17: 1st Qualifier Games
November 18 - 24: 2nd Qualifier Games
November 25 - December 1: 3rd Qualifier Games
December 2 - 8: Quarter Finals
December 9 - 14: Semi Finals
December 16 - 22: Final


Online google form at https://forms.gle/DVFRhQoNxqq6idESA
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