2018 ARV - Voting Instructions & Master Index - BEGIN HERE

Cast your votes here for the 2018 Annual Rules Vote.
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2018 ARV - Voting Instructions & Master Index - BEGIN HERE

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Welcome to the 2018 Annual Rules Vote! Thank you for taking an active role in the future of MECCG!

Please take note of the following:

- Voting will remain open until midnight on Tuesday, June 26th Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-07:00).

- You may change your vote as many times as you like during the voting period, however, the only vote that will count is your most recent vote when the polling period ends.

- All votes will be hidden until the voting period ends. Once the voting period is over, the final vote tally for each poll will be revealed. Individual votes will not be made public, except for Council Member votes on Status Quo items (see below) - these votes will be revealed after the voting period ends.

- The items on the ballot are separated into four categories, which are: Errata of Cards; Errata of Rules; Clarifications of Cards; and Clarifications of Rules. Both errata and clarifications issued as a result of the 2018 ARV will become official rules and integrated into the appropriate rules manuals. These rules will be used by all organized tournaments and events which are recognized or affiliated with the Council of Elrond. It is expected that most casual playgroups will likely adopt these rules as well. The difference between an erratum and a clarification is: an erratum is a change or alteration to a known rule or card text, whereas a clarification is a communal decision to interpret a card or rule in a specific way. Both errata and clarifications serve the purpose of making the rules of MECCG more concrete, which reduces confusion and makes MECCG more palatable to all.

- Three ballot items are listed as “Status Quo” ballot items. Status Quo items will be defined as such in the Additional Comments section of the topic. Your ROC defines a Status Quo item as: "One which means "No Change" if the issue is absolutely clear. If the issue is unclear, then it is not a status quo item." We used a very strict interpretation of this definition, which is why only 3 of the 42 ballot items were given this label.
Per our Charter: http://councilofelrond.org/charter-2/ , no more than 1/3 of Council Member votes may be in favor of the status quo in order to allow a change from the status quo. We currently have 8 acting Council Members, which means that 3 Council Members voting in favor of the status quo will prevent the status quo from changing, regardless of the number of total votes. For "non-Status Quo" items, a simply majority of all votes cast will determine the outcome.

- Finally, and this is extremely important:
You are not required to vote on every ballot item. We encourage you to vote on as many items as possible, but the decision on which and how many items to vote on is entirely up to you.
However, we ask that you please only vote on items which you both understand and have a clear opinion on. Voting for an item just to cast a vote, or to vote like you think a friend did, without giving it proper consideration for yourself, is dangerous and ultimately harms our game. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this regard!

Below these instructions you will find an index of links to navigate to each polling topic, broken down by category.

If you have any questions, please ask them in the Questions thread: viewtopic.php?f=144&t=3361
Please do not post questions or comments in the polling topics.

Most Sincerely,

Your Rules Oversight Committee


Ballot Item # 2 - A Malady Without Healing

Ballot Item # 39 - Akhorahil the Ringwraith

Ballot Item # 24 - Cave-Drake

Ballot Item # 40 - Come at Need

Ballot Item # 12 - Deep Mines

Ballot Item # 38 - Fear! Fire! Foes!

Ballot Item # 37 - Fever of Unrest

Ballot Item # 21 - Fortress of the Towers

Ballot Item # 22 - Freeze the Flesh

Ballot Item # 14 - Galadhrim

Ballot Item # 32 - Great Bats

Ballot Item # 29 - Guarded Haven

Ballot Item # 23 - Healing Herbs

Ballot Item # 18 - Hidden Ways

Ballot Item # 17 - Hide in Dark Places

Ballot Item # 1 - Leaflock & Skinbark

Ballot Item # 35B - Neither So Ancient Nor So Potent

Ballot Item # 31 - Old Cache

Ballot Item # 36 - Old Road

Ballot Item # 28 - Open to the Summons

Ballot Item # 26 - Paths of the Dead

Ballot Item # 25 - Returned Beyond All Hope

Ballot Item # 6 - Ringlore

Ballot Item # 10 - Shelob & The Will of Sauron with Doors of Night

Ballot Item # 41 - Spies Feared

Ballot Item # 4 - Strider

Ballot Item # 20 - The Fortress of Isen

Ballot Item # 19 - The One Ring

Ballot Item # 3 - The Under-Leas (hero version)

Ballot Item # 13 - The White Tree

Ballot Item # 33 - Token of Goodwill


Ballot Item # 42 - Multi-player Games

Ballot Item # 7 - Removed from the Game & Removed from Play

Ballot Item # 34 - Special Orc and Troll Rules for Fallen-wizards


Ballot Item # 9 - A Chance Meeting / We Have Come to Kill

Ballot Item # 35A - Neither So Ancient Nor So Potent

Ballot Item # 11 - Smoke Rings & Weigh All Things to a Nicety

Ballot Item # 8 - We Have Come to Kill & Ringwraith Followers


Ballot Item # 27 - Beginning / End of Phase & Turn

Ballot Item # 16 - Movement to a Site in Play

Ballot Item # 30 - Ready to His Will

Ballot Item # 5 - Region Movement for Hero Companies

Ballot Item # 15 - When a Company is At a Site

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Re: 2018 ARV - Voting Instructions & Master Index - BEGIN HERE

Post by kober »

the Jabberwock wrote:
Sat May 05, 2018 3:37 am
Three ballot items are listed as “Status Quo” ballot items.
If anybody was looking for the three SQs, they're: #12 (Deep Mines), #24 (Cave-drake) and #35a (Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent).

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