His Halls Shall Echo Golden (darkyeoman)

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His Halls Shall Echo Golden (darkyeoman)

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The "His Halls Shall Echo Golden" scenario was created by darkyoeman and is posted at his website Solo Scenarios for Middle-Earth CCG.

Darkyeoman, thanks for posting this scenario. It's a great idea. I adapted the rules a bit to follow the Lore. We know that Thorin, Fili, and Kili fell at the Battle of the Five Armies. And that Balin, Ori, and Oin went to retake Khazad Dum (Moria). Gloin and Gimli attended Elrond's Council. And Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dwalin, Nori, and Dori are still in Erebor with Dain. In my take on the story - after Elrond's Council, Gloin sends word to the other Dwarves in Erebor to meet for an expected party at the Blue Mountain Dwarf Hold.

My starting company consists of the seven remaining dwarves of Thorin's company: Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dwalin, Nori, and Dori (7 characters totaling 14 mind). All are Warrior Dwarves, except that Gloin is also a Diplomat. (Balin is a Sage, Oin is a ranger, and Fili and Kili are scouts, but they aren't with us). Dain (a Diplomat) is included in the resource deck but Gimli is not, since he is busy. Gloin takes the Shield of Iron Bound Ash while Bofur carries Gloin's (Thror's) Map.

LOCATION DECK (West to East):
  • Numeriador: Blue Mountain Dwarf-Hold
  • Farochel: Lossadan Camp, Lossadan Cairn
  • Angmar: Zarak Dum, Mount Gram
  • Gundabad: Mount Gundabad
  • Anduin Vales: Framsburg
  • Grey Mountain Narrows: Ovir Hollow, Gondmaeglom, The Wind Throne
  • Northern Rhovanion: The Lonely Mountain (Border Hold, no items playable), Dale, Lake-Town
  • Withered Heath: Gold Hill, Caves of Ulund, Dancing Spire, Irerock,
  • Iron Hills: Iron Hill Dwarf-Hold
About 50/50 Items to Events. Many of the items are weapons or high MP to hit the Victory Requirement of 15 MP beyond 1 Dwarves Ring, King Under the Mountain, and Returned Exiles. Most of the resource deck are items and events used to take down the At-Home Dragon. The other events help with corruption. Just a summary is provided, keeping in line with the author's description.
  • Characters: Dain
  • Victory Requirements: 1x Dwarven Ring, King Under the Mountain, and Returned Exiles.
  • Items: (Weapons) Durin's Axe, Orcrist, Wormsbane. (Armor) The Mithril-Coat and Harbergeon of Silver. (Utility) 3x Precious Gold Rings, 1 additional Dwarven Ring, and Magical Harp (essential).
  • Events: (Anti-Corruption) Fellowship, A Friend or Three. (Anti-Dragon) Fast Asleep, Not at Home, The Old Thrush, Risky Blow, Lucky Strike. (Utility) Bounty of the Hoard, Test of Form (house rule - requires a Dwarves Warrior equipped with a Weapon to test the form of a gold ring).
About 50/50 Creatures to Events. The Hazard decks focuses on 4 of the 9 Dragons and also includes Orcs and Giants. The events seek to strengthen Ruins and Lairs and Dragon attacked. 1/6 of the Hazards are corruption based.
  • Creatures: (Dragons) Agburanar, Leucaruth, Scatha, and Scorba as Creature, Ahunt, and At Home. (Orcs) Warriors, Watch, and Hobgoblins. (Extra) Giants, Thunder's Companion, and Cave Worms.
  • Events: (Corruption) Lure of Expendience, Greed, and Dragon Sickness. (Hazard Buff) Dragon's Desolation, Choking Shadows, Prowess of Age, Awaken Denizens. (Utility) Call of Home.
1st Attempt: In my first attempt, Dain showed up early and was placed at The Lonely Mountain (alternative Home site). The other 7 Dwarves took off from the Blue Mountains towards Mount Gram in Angmar, hoping to recover some stolen Dwarf treasures. However, on the way there, an Orc-Watch attacked, but was defeated by Nori, Bifur, and Bofur. Thunder's Companion attacked Bombur, Dori, and Dwalin, but Dwalin could not defeat the strike against him. And then a Giant attacked Gloin, who used his Shield of Iron Bound Ash, but was wounded, and killed (roll of 12). A pretty unfortunate way to go.

2nd Attempt: A fellowship is formed before leaving the Blue Mountains for Mount Gram. This time, Orc-warriors attack, and are defeated by Nori, Bifur, and Bofur. A Cave Drake, strengthened by Prowess of Age, attacks and wounds Dwalin, who survives. Gloin discovers Durin's Axe at Mount Gram. The Dwarves intend to investigate Zarak Dum, but first, Gloin transfers his trusty Shield to Bofur since he now has Durin's Axe. However, the Axe and the Shield were too much for Gloin and he succumbed to corruption, deciding to abandon his quest (roll of 3). It's unclear why the weaponry drove Gloin to corruption. Regardless, the others could not go on without him.

Very short and anticlimactic so far because the rolls were not favorable. I will try again using the same deck. Though, I'm thinking to swap out Lucky Strikes for Old Friends, to help against corruption. And another Fellowship as well.

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Re: His Halls Shall Echo Golden (darkyeoman)

Post by darkyeoman »

CDavis7M wrote:
Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:54 pm
Darkyeoman, thanks for posting this scenario. It's a great idea. I adapted the rules a bit to follow the Lore.
Thank you. It is always interesting to see what others do with the scenarios I post! Of all the scenarios I created, this is the one I play most often.

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