2019-04-21 – We have now elected a new Council for the 2019-2021 term! Please welcome your new Council Members. You can find the updated list on our home page under About Us / Current Council Members. 

2018-06-15 –  The 2018 Annual Rules Vote is now underway! If you are an active player of MECCG and would like to cast your votes for or against proposed rules changes, please login to your forum account and register here: 2018 Registration. The vote will run through Tuesday, June 26th. 

2018-02-04 – A new Charter revision has been passed and has been uploaded to the home page under the About Us / Charter section. Please familiarize yourself with it. Many thanks to all of those who contributed by taking the time to read the Charter revision and cast a vote!

2017-05-25 –  The forum is now up and running. Renovations are still taking place, but you should be able to login to your account and make posts. Thanks for your patience during our outage period.

2017-05-15 –  We are still working to get the new forum software up and running. The difficulty has been with importing the old forum and all of its contents over to the new, updated forum software. We are hoping for a successful resolution to this soon.

Simultaneously, we are working with the old web host to get the old forum up and running to be used in the interim until the new forum is ready. As previously mentioned, the old server went down unexpectedly and was out of our control. While the old host was able to recover the forum and make it available to us again for use, it was very buggy and incomplete. He is currently trying to fix this and as soon as it is presentable, we will link it to our forum tab on this web page. 

Sorry for the extended absence of the forum and thank you for your patience!

2017-05-05 – You may have noticed the CoE webpage and forum have been unavailable for the past week. While the timing is quite a coincidence due to the fact we had scheduled the forum to be down for a few days from May 5 – May 7 while we transition to the new web page, this outage was unrelated to our scheduled maintenance and transition. We were informed by the old website host that his servers went down unexpectedly and as a result the forum, home page and GCCG were also down.  Unfortunately we didn’t have any advanced notice to make you aware of this outage. Thanks for your patience. 

2017-05-04 – Welcome to the new Council of Elrond web page! If you are a first time visitor, please utilize the forum to register an account. This website is a work in progress so please check back regularly for updates!