Charter of 2023

I. Composition of the Council:

a) The Council of Elrond (CoE) will consist of a maximum of 9 members and a minimum of 7 members.

b) The term of office will be twenty-four months. In the event that a member is unable to complete their term of office, the Council will redistribute his or her tasks among the rest of the members, or search among any runner up from the elections suitable to take the place.

Election procedures for a new Council will commence twenty-two months a er the appointment of the acting Council. The incumbent Council will remain in office until the election of a new Council.

c) If not elected, the former Chair is welcomed to remain as advisor in the following six months after an election, not being part of the official Council of Elrond body.

d) Before the next election is held, the Council will discuss its own composition and the milestones in the last domain, and will adjust it according to the tasks and workload in that period. Charter will then be amended as needed in preparation for the next election.

II. Method of Election of the Council:

a) Electorate: Each member of the active player community, de􀄕 ned as membership on the Council forum, will be entitled to cast votes in this election.

b) Procedure: The current Chair will be responsible for organizing the election and creating the voting topic or delegating another Council member willing to perform this task. An independent non-Board member will be selected to audit the 􀄕 nal voting results and ensure their accuracy.

If nine or more persons are nominated, a ballot will be conducted to 􀄕 ll the vacancies. Each forum voter will vote for two fewer candidates than the total number of those running for election. If there are exactly six, seven or eight candidates running for election, all those running will be appointed to the new Council and no vote will be held. If there are fewer than six candidates, the appointment of the new Council will be postponed until a minimum of six active candidates are found.

III. Organization and Functions of the Council:

(a) Formal Decisions: Upon the constitution of the newly elected Council, the first item on the Council’s agenda will be the election of a Chair from among its members.

Councilmembers will then be appointed to one or more of the six governing committees as follows: Rules Oversight Committee (ROC), Organized Play & Game Promoting Committee (OPGPC), Public Relations Committee (PRC), Dream Cards Committee (DCC), Web-Based Initiatives Committee (WIC), and Administrative Committee (AC). The CoE is also empowered to create, separate, merge, or dissolve committees as deemed necessary, by absolute majority (more than half of votes in favor) among its members. The purpose and functions of each committee are described below:

i) Rules Oversight Committee: The Rules Oversight Committee (ROC) is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive rules online section, which will compile all known rules, errata, and clarifications for MECCG.

The ROC will also open a communication channel where players can send their rules questions in order to receive an official answer from the CoE. They will work on the appropriate answers, and publish them in the form of new Digests, which will be also implemented in the different rules documents available online.

ii) Organized Play & Game Promoting Committee: The OPGPC will strive to promote the game of MECCG, including maintaining a player directory and contact list for various nations that will be located on the forum (currently called The Global Player List), encouraging or hosting online tournaments, and making MECCG accessible to new players. The OPGPC will hold a World Tournament once a year, alternating between the American and European continents, and will decide on a suitable city from nominations received; when deemed appropriate, the OPGPC may also hold a World Tournament online.
iii) Public Relations Committee: The PRC is responsible for maintaining a positive environment in which community members may engage with each other and the game, including maintaining a Code of Conduct for the forum, and handling any interpersonal issues or complaints and off er similar support to other MECCG platform not directly maintained by the CoE.

iv) Dream Cards Committee: The DCC is the oversight body for eff orts to improve the future growth and enjoyment of MECCG with the production of new sets (Dream Cards). The DCC will help coordinate the development and production of such sets and make them available to the community when possible.

v) Web-Based Initiatives Committee: The WIC is in charge of providing the digital tools for the official documents, actions and news of the CoE to be present on the internet. It will also provide the community with a digital space for discussion.

vi) Administrative Committee: The AC is responsible for internal Council issues and administrative tasks, including updating this Charter when necessary and forwarding to the rest of the Council for amendments and voting.

IV. Domain of the Charter:

(a) The Council of Elrond Charter of 2023 and its amendments will remain in effect in all matters until superseded by a future revision of this charter.

(b) This Charter must be approved by the Council by more than half of votes in favor (absolute majority).