Current Council Members

Current Session: March 2017 – March 2019

Gavin Palmer (the Jabberwock) – U.S.A., Chairman
Ernst Brun (Logain) – France
Eric Dane (Thorsten the Traveller) – Netherlands
Karsten Gerland (Shapeshifter) – Germany
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer (thorondor) – Austria
Marc Roca (cram) – Spain
Jose San Miguel (Jose-san) – Spain
Nicolai Willinek (Vastor Peredhil) – Germany

To improve administrative effectiveness, the Council has formed the following committees. If you have a specific committee related question or comment, please use the forum to contact the members of that committee. 

Dream Cards
Ernst Brun,  Eric Dane,  Nicolai Willinek

Game Promoting & Public Relations
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer,  Marc Roca

Rules Oversight
Eric Dane,  Karsten Gerland,  Jose San Miguel,  Gavin Palmer

Web Based Initiatives
Gavin Palmer,  (Outside Council – Dominik Schönleben)