Current Council Members

Current Session: February 2023 – February 2025

Manuel Cabezalí – Spain, Chairman
Ethan Eliam (DamienX207) – U.S.A., Vice Chairman
Thomas Aldershof II (rezwits) – U.S.A.
Marcos Cáceres (Marcos) – Argentina
Sergio Martínez (Kodi) – Spain

Álvaro Pery (Mordakai) – Spain
Marc Sarzi (Sarma72) – France
Felipe Silva (fisilva1) – Chile
Nicolai Willinek (Vastor Peredhil) – Germany

To improve administrative effectiveness, the Council has formed the following committees. If you have a specific committee related question or comment, please use the forum to contact the members of that committee. 

Manuel Cabezalí, Sergio Martínez, Ethan Eliam , Marcos Cáceres

Organized Play & Game Promoting
Álvaro Pery, Marcos Cáceres, Marc Sarzi

Public Relations
Nicolai Willinek, Thomas Aldershof II, Felipe Silva, Marc Sarzi

Dream Cards
Nicolai Willinek, Thomas Aldershof II

Web Based Initiatives
Sergio Martínez, Ethan Eliam , Thomas Aldershof II

Administrative Issues
Álvaro Pery, Ethan Eliam , Felipe Silva