Web Links


An English/Spanish webpage where you can find all you need regarding the game, from remasterd images of the cards, maps, rulesets, fanmade content, online platforms and a lot more.


The largest annual MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.

Online platforms to play MECCG

Here you can find different platforms to play online MECCG games. Some are web-browser based, some are downloadable software. Choose and play online with friends!

Fallen Gandalf

Global tournament rankings and results from all of the sanctioned MECCG events!

Eagle Card Store

thorondor’s product page where you will find a large inventory of MECCG in all languages! 

Gwaihir.net – the Middle-earth CCG store

Offers as broad a line of MeCCG as possible at decent prices. Whether you’re looking to buy factory sealed product, sets, or single cards to fill out your collection, you can find it at this website.

Card Game Geek

A fantastic deck building database and collection management tool for MECCG!

Norloth Art

Home page of the amazing artist Norloth whose Rivendell piece we are using for our website. Check out her other fantastic pieces of art here!